Her eye is witness to a miracle

Jyoti and Sandeep Sharma, October 2016
Guruji came into our lives when we did not know anything about Him and when we did not know that troubles lay ahead of us. The descent of divinity was timely. My daughter had an innocuous viral fever in July of 2016. She recovered, but the virus attacked her optic nerve and inflamed it.

One doctor declared that my daughter would not be able to recover vision in one eye. My daughter refused to give up and a doctor helped—but we were shaken to the core. At that point of time, a devotee, Shri Bangari, told us about Guruji. And, as soon as we could, we rushed to Bade Mandir.

My daughter felt Guruji's presence when she could sense the divine fragrance of roses. We had jal and langar prasad and my daughter felt her vision was better. And it was so! We could see that her vision had improved. Thank you, Guruji, for coming into our lives, staying there and blessing us forever. Jai Guruji!

Jyoti and Sandeep Sharma, devotees

October 2016