By the Guru's word

Jyoti Gupta, July 2007 हिंदी
Jyoti Gupta was suffering from an unknown disease, which had not been diagnosed and thus she could not be given any treatment. All the major hospitals - Inderprastha, Apollo, Max Noida, AIIMS, Delhi - carried out long and expensive investigations. Doctors could not make out anything.

Jyoti started coming to Guruji regularly. One day Guruji commanded her to do sewa at Bade Mandir. She did so. When four-five days later she went to her doctor, the disease was diagnosed. It was a serious blood infection and doctors warned her that the treatment was long and painful.

But, that His devotee undergo such suffering was unacceptable to Guruji. The lady was admitted to a hospital, her treatment began, but just after four days doctors discharged her and put her on medicines. Now she is fit and fine.

Such blessings are not unusual. Whenever Guruji commands us to do something, we must obey and not look for logic in what He says. Whatever He says is His command.

His words are a command, a blessing and it is to be obeyed as it is solely aimed at benifiting the devotee. It is not riches or gifts or fawning actions and words that can please Guruji. We can only please Guruji with true love. A love which makes no demand, which puts no conditions, and which accepts the Guru's word. And He reciprocates this love. Whenever you need Him, He is with you any time, any moment, any where in the world. Just remember Him - lovingly.

Jyoti Gupta, devotee

July 2007