Lost ring leads to faith

Ms. Jyoti Chandola, September 2013

It was my parents' anniversary, and my mother bought a ring for my father while we were going to Bade Mandir. My mom had thought of getting it blessed before giving to dad. Within less than a week, however, my father lost the ring. He did not notice when it slipped from his finger. We searched all over at home but could not find it and concluded that it might have fallen in the drain attached to the washing basin.

My mom was pretty upset, since it was a gift. Her faith did not allow her to believe that the ring was lost: It had been blessed by Guruji, so how could it be lost? She had little hope, but prayed to Guruji. But after a day or two, the ring was found. A worker at the site where our house was being built sighted it. Papa had told the worker about the ring, and he had remembered. When he saw it lying in the mud, the worker took it to Papa.

The construction site was the last place we would have thought of searching. My mom felt so blessed that she went to the Bade Mandir the next time to thank Guruji and also did her first satsang there. Jai Guruji!

Ms. Jyoti Chandola, a devotee

September 2013