Guruji steers car a hundred km without petrol

Jagbir Singh Grewal, July 2007 हिंदी
Mr Grewal, a businessman, happened to be at his father-in-law's place at the Punjab Agricultural University when Guruji arrived there with some devotees. It was late at night and everybody had langar.

Mr Grewal had to take Guruji back to the temple at Jalandhar. Guruji and he started out in a Maruti 800 and had gone some distance when Mr Grewal realized that there was very little petrol in the car. He was worried. He was quite sure no petrol pump would be open at that time. It was the early 90s, the heyday of terrorism in the state, and people shut shop quite early. Mr Grewal also knew that at late night hours, both policemen and terrorists prowled the roads.

Sitting next to him, Guruji immediately read his mind and told him not be afraid. "Why are you so worried," Mr Grewal remembers Guruji telling him. "We've enough petrol, just keep driving." Mr Grewal drove on - but he knew the petrol was going to give out sooner rather than later.

They had reached Guriya, midway on the Ludhiana-Jalandhar road, since Guruji had spoken, when Mr Grewal felt doubts forcing their way into his mind again. Guruji responded immediately once again with His reassurance: "You are still worried. Keep driving confidently: we have enough petrol."

At His words, Mr Grewal suddenly realized that they had driven 40 km from Ludhiana on an amount of fuel that would not have taken them beyond four km. He realized that a divine will was fuelling his car; not petrol. Soon, they reached the Jalandhar temple without any problems.

At the end of the journey, Guruji remarked: "See, I have driven the car without petrol. However, be sure to put petrol in the morning; the car will not run without it then!"

Mr Grewal says after this personal experience of the divine force, he surrendered himself to Guruji. He found that Guruji is not an ordinary saint or a pundit; He is far, far above them: He is the Satguru (True Guru).

After 80 yrs, water comes to a Rajasthan well

There are no limitations to Guruji's grace. It is a power of compassion that towers above all. So it was in Jaipur, when lakhs received Guruji's blessings.

Guruji Maharaj had gone there in 1994 and stayed with Brig (later General) Mohan Singh for a month. Hundreds would come for His darshan. They came from the desert of the Rajasthan, in bullock carts and tongas and they came with their worries and problems. Through a glance or a benediction given through the means of a copper tumbler, Guruji would help them. His devotees would act as interpreters for the folks, Mr Grewal being one of them.

He remembers how once the members of a panchayat approached Guruji with a peculiar problem. The community well had been dry for 80 years. Could Guruji get it to fill with water?

Three days later, the answer was a very loud yes. Through the streets of Jaipur, the villagers came as a party, making noisy celebrations with drums along the way and chanting: "Guru Baba, the water has come." Guruji advised the exhilarated villagers never to sell the water.

Others who came to Him were similarly relived, whether they were plagued by disease or agitated by mental conflict or family strife. It was not only the commoners who were blessed. When Maharaja (and Major) Bhawani Singh came, he was carried up to Guruji by four people. Four or five days later, he was healthy enough to walk around.

Diamonds and petals out of thin air

Sometimes, it is just the heartfelt desire of a devotee that gets Guruji, the embodiment of Lord Shiva, who is famed as the easily-pleased Ashutosh, to respond. It so happened with Mr Grewal's wife, Mrs Rimple. Guruji was sitting with the sangat at Cyberplace in district Sangrur (of Punjab). He asked Mrs Rimple to come before Him and out of nowhere produced two beautiful diamond studs, which He placed on her hands. The Guru's present was gift-wrapped in English pound. Mr Grewal relates that 11 years after they were gifted to his wife, they still retain a rosy fragrance - so typical of Guruji's presence.

At other times, Guruji gives specially needed blessings. New Year's Eve was being celebrated by the sangat at the residence of Mr Grewal's father-in-law. Suddenly, a shower of petals burst forth from the air and continued falling on his father-in-law for a couple of minutes. Another 10 minutes later, a lady devotee, Mrs Bardan was similarly blessed.

The miracles showed the Guru's love for His disciples. For, as Mr Grewal says, Guruji needs nothing from you. In fact, He takes your misery-causing karma upon Himself to relieve you of suffering. All that He wants is your love and faith.

Jagbir Singh Grewal, Gurgaon-based businessman

July 2007