Under the shelter of Guruji's grace

Brig (retd.) J S Alag, July 2007 हिंदी
I came under Guruji's sharan in August 1998. I had been posted at Jalandhar from 1975 to 1984 and resided quite close to Guruji's mandir there, but it was only in 1998 that He ordained that His blessings fall on me. I came to Guruji that year and since then there has been no looking back.

In 1998, we were planning the marriage of my only son who was in Dubai. I spoke to Guruji and He asked me to bring my son's and the girl's photos. I did so and Guruji blessed them.

Subsequently, my son's marriage took place in March 1999. And it was as if Guruji had thrown a protective cover around all functions. I had just then constructed my house in Noida and was short of money. But, thanks to Guruji's blessings all the marriage functions went on well. The reception of the wedding was held in Taj Hotel, Delhi. The official photographer covering the function was impressed. He remarked that he had covered over 500 weddings as a photographer in Delhi and a brawl was inevitable, as in Punjabi weddings liquor flows freely. But, during my son's party, everything went on smoothly.

After another function that was held at Vasant Continental Hotel, a few relatives of mine were returning from the hotel and were on their way to Noida when the mini-bus carrying them broke down. The ladies were wearing heavy jewellery and it was mid-night. But, every one reached home safe. Only the kind supreme power, Guruji, could have seen to their safety.

Getting 10-year family visas for US

My son is a telecom engineer and though he was in Dubai he was not happy there. I would occasionally tell Guruji about this and He'd ask me not to worry. My son and his wife were visiting India in January 2000. I went to a satsang at Guruji's place on 10 January and carried four visa forms duly filled for myself, my wife, and son and daughter-in-law. I told Guruji that the children were coming from Dubai at midnight the same day, and that we would be going to the US Embassy in the morning for interviews for the visas. Guruji just said: "Tera kalyan kar ditta (You have been blessed)."

At that time, one had to stand in a long line for the interview. After all the formalities were completed at a window outside the Embassy, one had to stand in a queue inside. Next, a senior counsellor did a preliminary check and turned each applicant over to the appropriate interviewer.

In the queue, I was in front, followed by my wife, my son and daughter-in-law. When I reached the counsellor and gave him all four passports, he asked me if I was Mr J S Alag. I told him I was Brigadier J S Alag. He asked me if it was my girlfriend who was standing behind me; I averred she was my wife. For a moment it seemed as if it was Guruji who was sitting there, as the counsellor talked in a manner similar to His. The next thing the counsellor asked me was whether I would like a ten-year visa. I asked whether he would give that to all four of us, and he said yes. I told him I would appreciate it.

He told me to go to window number one, meant for persons approved for a 10-year visa. Getting a visa for my son, who was young and an engineer, in those days was impossible. But, we all got a ten-year visa each. At night when we went to Guruji, He said: "Ho gaya kam (Is your job done?)" We touched His lotus feet: it was a miracle.

Saved from a car accident in US

My son with his wife and our grandson went to the US on an H1 visa in July 2004. He was located at Los Angles then. My wife also joined them in September 2004 for a short visit. She kept a photo of Guruji in our son's car, as days before she had left, Guruji had told me to keep His photo in my car always.

That month one evening I went for a satsang at Guruji's ashram in Chattarpur and when I returned, my clothes were full of His fragrance. I changed my clothes and again smelt the clothes: they had an unusually strong fragrance. I went to sleep.

In the morning on waking up, as was my usual practice I phoned up my wife. My son took the call and told me that they had had a terrible car accident. I immediately told him to hand over the phone to my wife. My wife told me that on a traffic crossing their car had collided with another, but they all were safe. The car was a write-off.

My wife narrated that the collision had been so severe that our grandson, who was in his baby seat tied at the rear, was thrown out of his seat upon impact and landed in the arms of my wife, who was sitting next to him. She says she kept her eyes closed and dared not see if the child was all right. When she opened her eyes, the baby smiled at her and she thanked Guruji for saving their lives.

On my next visit to satsang at Empire Estate, I narrated this incidence to Guruji. He smiled and asked me to sit down. He already knew what had happened.

My own near accident in May 2006

We were invited to dinner by a friend and while we were returning home I was about to take a U-turn when a speeding car rushed on to us. It must have been doing at least 150 km/hr. I immediately braked. Fearing that the speeding car would hit us, we froze. At the last minute, the speeding vehicle swung clear of us - as if someone was protecting us. Had I turned completely, the speeding car would have hit us from the rear. Even under normal circumstances this car would have hit us from the side. I immediately thanked Guruji.

Guruji's miracles are always there. His protection is always there. When we come to Him we receive His blessings, His blessed tea, His blessed langar and while leaving we bow and receive His blessings.

Brig (retd.) J S Alag, devotee

July 2007