Everything is Guruji's grace

J B Singal, June 2010
We came to Guruji's sharan on 7 July 2007, although Guruji had sent a message to us through a devotee a year earlier. But we were not lucky enough to make it to His durbar that time. However, in year 2007, Guruji smiled at us again. On July 1 Naresh uncle told us about Guruji's blessing and shared his many experiences. I could not believe nor understand how any mahapurush could alter the lives of His disciples with such ease. We had satsang for about two hours and I didn't even realize how the time passed.

Buses from our locality were going to Bade Mandir on 7 July, His birthday, and I too booked two seats in a bus. I was using a second-hand car and, owing to the distance, was not keen on taking it for such a long trip. On 7 July, before coming to the Mandir, I had a really busy day at the shop. It was good for business. I happily concluded all the work by 5.00 pm and was sitting in Guruji's sharan shortly thereafter.

Our experience at the Mandir was so enjoyable that we started coming regularly, once a week. We used to come in a shared Qualis. One of the devotees we were sharing the car with, once mentioned to my wife Santosh that since the car was becoming crowded, perhaps the kids could be left behind. Santosh prayed to Guruji: for the kids to come to the Mandir, she pleaded, please bless us with a vehicle, so that we may come to the Mandir on our own. With Guruji's grace, within a week, out of nowhere, we could manage finances for a plot, a new car and a new bike!

Holding Guruji's satsang

Once in the morning, I was talking to Santosh about how Guruji had blessed us a lot in such a short duration. We both wanted to arrange for Guruji's satsang to thank Him for all His grace. We discussed the matter for about half an hour, and concluded that due to financial constraints, we had no other choice but to leave it to a later date. Just then, one of our neighbours turned up and gave a sum of ten thousand rupees for an inverter and battery she wanted installed at her place. We thanked Guruji for the immediate resolution of the problem and went ahead with the arrangements.

The day of the satsang was marked by Guruji's grace. We had uncertain weather that day. It became cloudy and we were afraid of rain. With Guruji's grace, although it was raining within two kilometers of our area, the satsang venue was dry. A few devotees called me up to say they could not come because of the rains. But at the venue, it came down heavily for two hours only after the satsang and langar had finished.

We had another occasion to offer langar. My father passed away on 6 January 2009. After thirteen days, we offered a few priests langar prasad. We were about to conclude, when three sardars, each six feet tall, came in and said, "Jai Guruji, we are here to have langar." We offered them seats and served them langar. They went back happy. I was left wondering: I had never seen a sardar roaming around in this manner in the area where we lived. I could really feel that Guruji had specially blessed us. I felt that it was Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh who had come to our place to bless us in the threesome's form.

Guruji saves me and my wife

I had obtained Guruji's key ring from the Mandir, but had not wanted to put the keys into it. It seemed inappropriate because our hands could be very dirty at times. I decided to paste the key ring to the front of the bike instead. But due to lack of time, I was unable to and Guruji's key ring remained in my pocket.

One day, I got a call that a person was waiting for me at home. I had barely driven out when a speeding car hit me at a turning. The car was badly damaged; its front was smashed in. But, with Guruji's grace, I had no major injury.

Before coming to Guruji's sharan, we had been visiting pundits. All the pundits would say that Santosh had a short life. After coming to Guruji, we stopped going to pundits and astrologers. Once, Santosh had serious food poisoning. Within a few hours, she became very restless and stepped out of home for air. When I reached home and saw her in that state, I asked her to relax in her room. She said she was suffocating inside and that she had seen two men, dressed in black, who were telling her that she has to join them now. We could not see anything or anyone around. But then Santosh saw Guruji standing behind those two men. Guruji instructed those two to leave Santosh and go. They followed Guruji's orders and disappeared.

When we asked Santosh about them later, she said that the two people were black and fat, with thick mustaches and had swords in their hand. She had seen Yamdoots that day and if Guruji had not come to rescue her, we would have lost her. Thanks a lot, Guruji, for blessing her with a new life.

Santosh also had a backache. Guruji gave her darshan in dream. He touched Santosh with a broom and asked if she still had pain. She told Guruji that it had reduced tremendously. Guruji touched the broom to her back again and the pain disappeared absolutely. When she woke up, she realized that the pain was gone. It has never reappeared.

Got my lost mobile

On June 6, 2009, I purchased a new phone. Santosh suggested that I buy it on 7 July, the occasion of Guruji's birthday. But I was adamant so went ahead with the purchase a month in advance. Just after three days of purchasing it, I lost the cell phone. Although I was disappointed, I accepted the loss as fate and consoled myself with the thought that phone had gone to someone who wanted it more desperately.

I have a friend working in an investigating agency, and I gave him the IMEI number of the lost handset. On 7 July, when we came to the Bade Mandir, I was missing the new phone, as it had a camera and we could have clicked some photos of the function in the Mandir. Two days later, my friend called back and gave me the address of the place where the handset was active. I went to that place and recovered my handset! So with Guruji's grace I got back the phone. My useless hurry for the purchase of the phone left me with a lesson.

Ladoo Prasad

One Saturday I was really busy and had to skip lunch. I reached home at around 6 in the evening, and left for Bade Mandir immediately. After langar, when we were leaving the Mandir, I was still hungry. I was thinking of halting on the way and grabbing a bite. Just then a devotee came out of the Mandir and gave me four ladoos from a bag full of prasad! I was happy and could not help smiling. Santosh asked me why. I told her to bide her time till I finished eating the prasad. Although I had been very hungry, the three and a half ladoos I ate satiated me. I gave Santosh the other half of the ladoo to eat. I told her everything and realized anew how Guruji took care of the smallest of points!

Before coming to Guruji, I had made and lost a lot of money. Almost every three months, I would have a major loss and would end up empty-handed. Since coming to Guruji, I have been blessed with financial stability and am leading a happy life-all with Guruji's grace.

J B Singal, a devotee

June 2010