Guruji's grace sees us through life's exams

Jaya Kaushik, July 2007 हिंदी
My first visit to Guruji's sangat was on my 21st birthday. My father, Commander R.K. Sharma, had been going for Guruji's darshan for quite some time but my mother, my two younger sisters and I had never accompanied him till then. On my 21st birthday, I don't know why, but I felt like taking His blessings.

I had always been an average student. After scoring just about 64% in my 12th boards, I could not get admission to any of the 'good' DU colleges in the science stream. My father enrolled me into the BCA program of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Little did I know that the first-attempt pass-out percentage of IGNOU for its BCA-MCA degrees was only 3%, that is, 3 in 100 students pass in their first attempt. With Guruji's blessings, in spite of being an average student, I cleared not only my BCA degree but also my MCA degree on the first attempt. If this was not enough, I even managed to clear a two-year NIIT course with an excellent score along with my graduation and was able to manage one and a half years of work experience as a software developer along with my post-graduation. Who would have thought that a girl like me could cope with so much of pressure and hard work? But I managed it and it all happened with Guruji's blessings.

Soon the whole family started going to Guruji's sangat for His darshan religiously. After completing MCA, I desperately needed a new job. So once my exams got over, we all visited Guruji for His darshan. My mother prayed to Guruji for a good job for me with a starting salary of Rs 10,000. I don't know why she prayed for Rs 10,000. That is the exact figure which I got as a stipend when I got a job. When I ask her she says that is what came to her mind at that point of time and she prayed for it. In December 2002, my exams were over and on 5 Jan I joined my new job.

When I was called for an interview by the same company, the manager realized that I did not fit the job criteria. They were wondering how they could give me an interview call when my qualifications were different. But since they had called me they decided to interview me in any case for another vacancy which suited me. I finally landed the job. After getting the job, when my mother told me that she had prayed for a job with Rs 10,000 salary for me, I teased her for the next few days asking her why she has only prayed for Rs 10,000 as my salary!

When I turned 23, my parents decided that it was time for me to get married. My parents started checking matrimonial ads. There was one Faridabad-based family my parents were keen on and they decided to visit them over a weekend. We had received another bio-data of a boy living in Faridabad, but as the bio-data was not very descriptive my parents decided to give it a miss. Just as they were leaving to meet the first boy's family, the second boy's father called up. My parents still could not make up their mind but since we had received a call from them and my parents were going to Faridabad they decided to drop in at the second boy's house (now my husband), too.

It all worked out fine in the end with Guruji's blessings.

In 2004, on an early morning Guruji gave me darshan in my dream and said that after two years we would go abroad. At that point I really didn't want to go abroad and I never thought that I would be happy about it ever. Two years later when the time came, the scenario was different from what it was when Guruji had told me that I would be going abroad. Now I am surprised that I am actually happy about the developments. It will be a good career move for both me and my husband. Currently, our shift to Germany is planned for September 2006. Exactly two years after I had Guruji's dream!

There are many more experiences apart from the ones shared above. Just recently when I was giving an interview over the telephone for a job in Germany (which didn't go too well) I got Guruji's reassuring fragrance for a few seconds. I immediately got the message: there is nothing to worry about, Guruji is watching over me and all my loved ones.

Jaya Kaushik, devotee

July 2007