How problems got off my back

Dr Jaskiran Singh, July 2007
I was literally laid low with acute backache for three months at a stretch. This happened in June-July 2003, when I discovered I was unable to squat for a reasonable length of time without suffering from sharp jabs of pain travelling the whole length of the spine to my right leg and down to my foot. Even standing at one place for 10-15 minutes became an ordeal. Walking for even half a kilometer was extremely painful and climbing stairs was a punishment of the most cruel order.

This disc prolapse had occurred for the second time in my life. Earlier in 2001, I had suffered similarly and was on bed for four months. Steroid injections were given to me and these were complemented with nerve injections to relieve me of the pain. An MRI and nerve conduction tests were done, and the condition was diagnosed as spinal spondylosis of the L3-l4, L4-5 S vertebrae, and disc bulges as a result of bone degeneration. Moreover, I also suffered from a lung disease called sarcoidosis, which gave me breathing discomfort on and off.

All this made me disturbed and depressed, as it was happening to me at my mid-forties - a relatively young age. The doctors said spinal fusion surgery was the only answer. I - myself a doctor - tried homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments, but there was no relief.

And then one fine day it happened!

My husband Avinash Singh, who works in WHO, received a call from one of his friends in Chandigarh, who told him about Guruji and His magical healing powers. My husband and I immediately decided to visit Guruji. While sitting in Guruji's presence and partaking of the ambrosia of the Gurbani, we both got transported to an entirely different world - a world of heavenly bliss and beatitude. We paid our obeisance at Guruji's lotus feet and He instantly blessed me with the words: "Tera kalyan hoya" (You have been blessed.)

As directed by Guruji, I revisited Him after a couple of days with a copper tumbler, which He blessed. It is nothing short of a miracle that after following this remedy, I have rid myself of my back problem. Thanks to Guruji's magical healing powers, I am now able to squat on the floor for hours and walk reasonably long stretches and even climb stairs. With Guruji's blessing I even got my house built and the interiors done. I had never dreamt of managing this with my poor back.

Then, once my son Angad got his tympanic membrane (the eardrum) ruptured at school. He had hearing difficulty and the ENT surgeon advised surgery. But I knew this surgery was rarely successful. With Guruji's blessing, his eardrum and his hearing turned normal.

I feel extremely fortunate indeed to have been truly blessed by Guruji, to have come under His sharan, which shields us from all distress, pain, and worries while suffusing our mind and spirit with healthy, wholesome and positive thoughts and energies. So much so that I want to share my Guruji with the rest of the world.

Dr Jaskiran Singh, Chief Medical Officer, CGHS, Delhi

July 2007