Hurtling towards death, Guruji saves us

Isha Taneja, April 2016
We began going to Guruji's Mandir in year 2013. I was unsure about believing in Him, but gradually found my faith. Just in time, because we needed all His protection.

It so happened that we were travelling to my cousin's place to attend his son's birthday celebration at night. I was driving the car and speeding a bit. Unsure of directions, I decided to go under a flyover and took a blind turn—straight on to the path of a car.

My father shouted at me to steer the car away and prevent a head-on collision. I couldn't control the vehicle and the oncoming vehicle rammed the car but from the side. Both the cars were damaged, but, thanks to Guruji's grace, none of the occupants was hurt. We didn't get a scratch. Guruji had saved all our lives.

Isha Taneja, a devotee

April 2016