I am living because of Guru Kripa

Hitesh Lala, August 2008
Jai Guruji! One cannot describe Guruji, His grace and His amazing ways in words. Every moment something happens that makes us feel that we are secure under Guruji's refuge.

On July 9, 2006, my sister and I were going to the Bade Mandir to help out with preparations for the Guru Purnima function. We were on my scooter and probably going at more than 50 kmph. It was raining heavily. Some seven kilometres short of the Mandir, the scooter went out of control and began wobbling. I stopped to look at the problem.

We were shocked to see that only a single nut was holding the rear wheel in place, the rest of the four had fallen out. Yet, just where we stopped there was a mechanic, ready to help out as if waiting for us. Even he was shocked to find that the scooter had travelled more than 25 kilometres with a single nut barely holding the rear wheel. We were going fast enough and could have had a serious accident in a road that is congested with heavy traffic. But when all this happened, there was no vehicle around. Guruji saved our lives.

On July 7, 2006, i.e., Guruji's birthday, when we went to take His leave, Guruji said something I was unable to understand. It was only on Guru Purnima day, July 11, 2006, that a sangat member told me what Guruji had said that night: He had blessed my job. I was very happy to hear this as since the last few months things had not been going too well in my office. In fact, I was planning to leave that job.

But after obtaining Guruji's blessings on His birthday, when I went to the office, I was informed that I was being shifted to a new process. And then something happened that I could not even dream of. I was given paid leave for five months; in effect, I was not required to go to office for five months. However, each month I got my full salary. For my colleagues it was unbelievable, but I knew it was a miracle wrought by Guruji.

Blessings always

When Guruji took mahasamadhi on May 31, 2007, everything started looking grim. But not for long, as Guruji's care and love continued unabated.

On the night of June 2, 2007, we were returning from Haridwar, where we had gone to bid Guruji goodbye. Our car met with an accident. There were four of us in the car as it went out of control and hit an electric pole. The impact was such that the engine burst open and the seats were thrown out. Such was the force of the blow that I had an out-of-body experience. 'I' went out of my body and over to the top of the car while my body still lay strapped in the seat belt.

Just then a strong orange light came and pushed me back into my body. The other occupants of the car pulled me out. Everybody in the car was hurt and soon we were rushed to hospital. I was in agony and feared that my ribcage and back may have been broken because neither could I breathe properly nor was I able to lie down. But when all the tests and medical investigations had been conducted and the reports came, everything was okay.

The full impact of that damaging mishap was greatly reduced by Guruji. Moreover, had the car not hit the pole, we would have crashed into a nearly 30-feet deep trench 15-20 meters away. But as was evident, we were saved thanks to Guruji.

Later, it was established that the pain I was suffering was due to internal injuries and the dislocation of the neck bone. A few days later, on June 10, I went to Dugri to attend Guruji's bhog ceremony. Though I was feeling a slight pain in my foot for the past few days, it was only after coming back from Dugri that I again got an X-ray done. There was a fracture in my left leg.

How could I-with my neck bone dislocated, leg fractured and heavy internal injuries-travel more than 500 km a week after a serious incident? Not only that, I made my trip without my problem getting aggravated.

Guruji had always said that everything was practical here (i.e., in Guruji's sharan). I am a living testimony to that statement. I am surviving only because of His Grace.

I would close with a humble request at Guruji's lotus feet to keep us under His protective shelter always.

Hitesh Lala, a devotee

August 2008