Lord Shiva follower becomes Guruji's devotee

Himanshu Nanda, September 2016
I came to Guruji in November, 2014. Ever since, I have tried to follow Guruji's guidelines. However, my father, an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva, did not believe in Guruji. He believed that Lord Shiva, whom he had worshipped in Shiva lingas and temples through mantras and rituals, could not manifest in a human form. Yet he went with me to Guruji on my birthday in year 2015.

On the other hand, I wanted to do sewa at Bade Mandir. Guruji gave the opportunity to do sewa on His birthday that same year. It was my first sewa, and I was occupied till the evening. I was thinking that I could get some sewa where I would have to utter the name of my lord from start to finish. Quickly, I got sewa at the welcome door to the Mandir and greeted everyone with "Jai Guruji". When a few sewadaars dispersed, a devotee told us that sewa lasted from the beginning of the function till the end. So I came back to my post. I had always wished that I do sewa for Guruji from start to finish. I never asked for it, I only wished for it in my mind, and Guruji gave it to me instantly!

I was able to repeat the sewa, completely, at another satsang, too. That's how our Guruji is: "Manngo mat, manno."

My father too has accepted Guruji and connected with Him. In July of 2016, on the day of Guruji's birthday, he had brought a new car. A few days later he asked me if we could obtain the car sticker that says "Guruji's Blessings Always" from the Mandir.

I suggested that we head out and try. It was raining heavily that evening and the Mandir is nearly 45 km from our home in East Delhi. But we went, along with my uncle who had come from Kenya to visit us. We reached there, had langar and came back home. But we didn't get the sticker.

The next morning, my father woke up with stiff bones and a high fever. He had medicines for two days, but the fever persisted. We changed the doctor, and the fever started coming down. But he then developed hiccups, which bothered him continually for the next three days. At the next opportunity to go to the Mandir, my father too came although his knees were paining and his hiccups were a huge bother.

We had langar and, my father who wasn't able to eat easily due to the hiccups, ate the langar without any discomfort. The next morning, a specialist gave him a medicine that took care of his hiccups. He was able to join his job back in August of 2016 and was even able to drive himself to the office.

His health is great only thanks to Guruji's blessings. He is now an ardent believer and a member of the sangat of Guruji Maharaj.

What we realised is, Guruji knows everything. He knows what is going to happen in the future and guards us from problems. When He takes over us, He also takes over our problems and in more ways than one and for more times than we can count, He makes them appreciably smaller and, finally, eradicates them.

Guruji cures allergy and lack of faith

Though I have been associated with Guruji for the last two years, my wife did not develop a connection with Guruji. However, she used to visit Bade Mandir with me.

Suddenly, a skin allergy that had afflicted her for seven years, returned. We tried homeopathy and allopathy and she went through many medical tests, but no remedy worked. I decided to take a copper tumbler to the Mandir and get it blessed by Guruji for my wife. She would drink and bathe with that water and the skin allergy would go.

So the copper pot was bought, but before we could go to Bade Mandir, my wife had Guruji's darshan in a dream. He filled a pot with raw rice and water and intoned "Gurur brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah; Guru Sakshat Parbrahma Tasmey Shri Gurvey Namah." He then gave the water to someone.

I decided that we shouldn't wait for our visit to Bade Mandir and directed my wife to fill the pot with raw rice and water. She took a bath with it the very next day. But her skin allergy worsened. She wasn't even able to sleep at night.

The next morning, she drank the water from the pot. She then went to her office. Amazingly, her allergy disappeared. Now, a fraction of it - just 5% to 10% - is left on her skin. Her belief and devotion towards Guruji has increased manifold. Such is Guruji's leela.

Thank you, Guruji!

Himanshu Nanda, a devotee

September 2016