Guruji restores full health

Harbans Singh, August 2008
In 1984 I had a heart attack. A year later I went to London to Dr. Magdi Yaqab, the world-renowned surgeon. My arteries were blocked and he did an angiography. The next day he wanted to do a bypass. I told him that I had come from India for a check-up, and an operation was not in my plans. I needed to meet my children before I went under the knife, I said.

I returned to India. One day, I was taking a walk when I met a friend who told me about Guruji and suggested that I meet Him. I did not believe in gurus, but went to meet Guruji upon my friend's insistence. Guruji gave amrit to me and kept betel leaves on my chest for about an hour. He told me to come after one week and then after 14 days. I kept visiting him for a year.

Meanwhile, I wondered whether coming to Guruji was helping me. So, two years after my angiography, in 1987, I went back to London. I consulted two more cardiologists. I went through the treadmill stress test (TST); the results were compared with the 1985 results. They were excellent.

I kept coming to Guruji for His blessings and went back to London after a couple of years again and got myself re-tested. After another TST, doctors told me that no bypass surgery was required.

Since then I have been enjoying good health. I stick to a vegetarian diet. It has been more than two decades since the heart attack, and I feel very good. I can climb stairs, walk and so on without any problems.

Harbans Singh, businessman

August 2008