By the grace of our Satguru

G.P. Singh, May 2011 हिंदी
Our journey to faith began in February 1999. We saw Guruji and He entered into our lives.

My wife was the first to benefit from His divine grace. She suffered from severe pain in her lower abdomen and back and it had never been diagnosed, which worsened it. She prayed to Guruji to cure her so that she could come and have His darshan and be in His sharan.

One fine day, sitting before Him, she felt a miraculous movement running throughout inside her body, curing her fully on the spot. Since then she has never felt the pain again.

My daughter also received His benign grace. She had managed to pass high school with IInd class. But after going to Guruji's, her academic report card soared. She not only got a distinction in her 10+2 exam, but was ranked high in the competitive entrance exam for the five-year LLB (Hon.) course of I.P.University, Delhi. She is now in her final year. Even as she is training with a leading law firm in Delhi, campus selections have seen her get a good placement. Unsurprisingly then, she is eager to have Shri Guruji's darshan at least once a week.

The intervention of the divine through the medium of the Satguru in my son's life has been even more transforming. Our son was aggressive and disobedient; he was not serious about his studies. We were worried about him. Guruji came to our rescue. Guruji blessed a silver kada (bangle) and asked my son to wear it. A sea-change washed over both his behaviour and his studies. Today, he is an electronics engineer working with a leading firm. He respects and loves us and his sister. And He always keeps Guruji's photograph with him.

Guruji has always delivered us from the perils of life. Once, my son met with a serious car accident while travelling with his friends. The car was a near-total loss, but he and his friends were miraculously saved with Guruji's blessings.

His blessings took me out of a sticky situation, too. I was nearing my retirement from the Public Works Department in October 2003 when problems cropped up, hindering payment of my retirement benefits. A charge-sheet was also framed against me on false grounds. But with Guruji's blessings, the false charge-sheet was withdrawn and all obstacles were surmounted. Today, I work with a leading international consultancy firm in Delhi.

Guruji's blessings have no end. All that is needed is faith - total, complete and absolute. He takes care of all His disciples without their bidding, although He advises them about specific problems brought to His notice, too.

Divine manifestations

Though Guruji's blessings are evident in matters of life, a few times He does allow something of His God-like stature to be evident to poor mortals. Once Guruji had gone to Chandigarh to bless a marriage, and we were there by His hukm. Guruji directed us to visit the late Mr Gill's house, which the devotee had lovingly fashioned and decorated in the image of Guruji's temple. Life-size photographs of Guruji and His mandir made it a divine residence. Guruji had stayed there for a few hours and the whole house was exuding His fragrance and divine radiation.

As we were looking at Guruji's photographs, we could suddenly see the face of Shri Guru Nanak Devji on His forehead!

Once when my wife was meditating before Him, she was singularly blessed to behold the Nag deva of Lord Shiva in His glass. After all, He is Shivji. No wonder we always feel His presence around us, protecting and blessing us.

G.P. Singh, formerly with the PWD

May 2011