Geetan's journey with Guruji

Geetan Sanghera, July 2007 हिंदी
Guruji: What can I say of Him?

He is one above the rest,
He is all in all,
He is the supreme power over all the rest,
He is the one we must all daily recall

My life has been under Guruji's spiritual guidance ever since I was born. He has always been there for me and my family through our good and bad times, through our ups and downs. He has cured us of our illnesses and sins, manifest or latent, with or without our knowledge. Today I feel extreme pleasure in sharing with you my encounter with the Most Compassionate One.

Betel leaf operation on my cyst

I can still remember the day when I suffered the most unbearable pain in my life. I was 15 years old and we were living in Jalandhar. I was taking a shower and felt a spine-tearing pain in my lower abdomen. It was so bad that I could not even walk. I lay crouched on the floor, calling for my mother. Our first thoughts as usual went to Guruji, who held His sangat at Panchkula in those days. We rushed to Him that very day. We thought it wise to run a few tests and scans before going to Him. We went to PGI Chandigarh and also to a few private clinics.

We were shocked when the results came out. I had an ovarian cyst and it had burst. It had let out poisonous liquids into my body which, if not removed, would be fatal. The doctors suggested immediate surgery, but we did not go in for it.

We visited Guruji that evening and told Him of my problem. He gave us His famous and most cute smile and told us not to worry. He used to do paath in paan ke patte (betel leaves) in those days and put them on the problem area. This was Guruji's way of doing surgery. He did the same to me and told me to lie down to rest for 10-15 minutes. Then He told me to get the same tests and scans redone the next day.

I did as I was told and, having full belief in Him, also knew the results. The shocked faces of the doctors only confirmed my belief that I had been blessed by my God, my Guruji. The scans showed no sign of the cyst they had revealed only 20 hours ago. The fluid was not visible, too.

There was joy amidst a lot of surprise. Medical science had had to take a bow in front of the divine healing power. The doctors wanted us to share with them our story about our Guruji, and we were more than happy to oblige. They were eager to visit Him and, thereby, start their journey into the world of spiritual bliss.

As for me, we went to Guruji the next evening. As we all know, He already knew everything beforehand. We did not even have to tell Him. We did not have enough words to show our gratitude, and we know this is not what he seeks. He wants our love and our unselfish faith which will help us follow Him through the difficult path which leads to eternal spiritual bliss.

My grandma's heart attack

I can still remember the year 1989. I was really young, but Guruji had been guiding my life ever since I was a baby. My entire family has been firm devotees of Guruji since I can remember. In 1989, my grandmother suffered a massive heart attack. She was admitted in CMC Ludhiana. A million doctors were consulted and they all had the same diagnosis: She was sinking day by day and there was nothing that could be done. Her pulse had risen to 160-190 per minute and her lungs were filled with water, making her chest bloat. She was in a semi-conscious state.

Guruji used to hold the sangat in Jalandhar in those days. Hearing the negative response of the doctors, my dad thought of calling upon our saviour. As my dad was walking out of the hospital, Guruji walked in through the doors that very moment. It was as though He had just appeared from nowhere. He was there, and we knew everything was going to be all right. He went to my granny and held her wrist, feeling her pulse for some time. What He did then, only He knows, but He brought her pulse down to 90 that day. Guruji did paath there for some hours and then left. Slowly, my granny regained consciousness and was normal in front of our very own eyes. It's been 17 years since and till date her pulse remains at 90 beats per minute.

Again it was an unbelievable incident for the doctors. As for us, we were overwhelmed knowing our Guruji was there for us all the time and expected nothing except love in return. Today, my granny is hale and hearty with Guruji's grace.

I have been fortunate enough to share these experiences with you. Our lives are too small and the sins one may be tempted to commit too big and we all have to pay for our deeds one day.

It's never too late to start our spiritual journey. We can start this second, right here, right now and make a difference. Guruji is always sitting with open arms to greet a true and faithful seeker. We can taste the sweet nectar of eternal spiritual bliss because our God, our leader, our Guruji is here with us today. He has awakened me to the ultimate truth and is leading me to God Himself. Love Him, Love God, Be Blessed.

Geetan Sanghera, devotee

July 2007