The real miracle: walking on His path

Gayatri Subberwal, July 2007 हिंदी
Who can claim to have seen God? I can. Guruji is my God. In fact, over time I have begun to feel that no God is equal to my Guru. He is great and no one like Him has descended on Earth or will step on it again.

One need not tell Him about ones suffering. He knows everything. Once you walk on His path, things automatically happen. You have to believe in Him, have faith in Him and not ask for anything.

My son Uddhav had bronchial asthma at the age of one and a half years. I wanted to tell Guruji about the problem, but He stopped me and told me that I would spoil things for myself if I would ask Him. His order was an order. I kept silent.

After two and a half years, Guruji came to our house for a function related to a wedding and gave my son His glass of water to drink. My son was blessed. Ever since he had that holy water he has never had an asthma attack. Uddhav, in fact, improved in all aspects: he put on weight, gained height and is an active child.

My husband also had asthma. The first time Guruji saw him, He said my husband was a superstitious man. Half of my husband's problems vanished there and then. Guruji also blessed him through a copper tumbler and slowly his asthma vanished.

I too was blessed. I had a cyst in my eye and was advised by the doctors to get it slit. I was afraid. One Thursday, while Guruji was giving leave to the sangat, He looked at me with great intensity. I knew there had to be a reason for that look. The next morning, the cyst in my eye had disappeared. Just by a look, Guruji had worked wonders. As He can by words.

My father-in-law had a heart attack five years ago. He was taken to the Malerkotla heart institute and angioplasty had to be done. Guruji just said, "Kalyan ho gaya (I have blessed you)" and everything went off well. But even as father-in-law was being discharged from the hospital, doctors told us that the front muscle of his heart was damaged and would not revive.

On our way back home, we went to seek Guruji's blessings and Guruji gave him halwa made in pure ghee (clarified butter, strictly banned by the doctors). My father-in-law went back to his routine. Guruji even allowed him to have his two daily pegs of whisky and father-in-law took them as Guruji's medicine.

After three months, he had to go for the TMT test. Incredulous doctors saw the front heart muscle, which they had declared dead, was pumping blood. They were astonished.

These experiences show us the practical - which is a word that Guruji stresses so much - way in which Guruji helps us. He can do anything and everything practically. In His dictionary, nothing is impossible. But, one has to have shraddha (faith), nishtha (loyalty), and saburi (patience).

Gayatri Subberwal, housewife and entrepreneur

July 2007