Blessings always: Guruji keeps His hand on my head

Gaurav Wasan, April 2012
I was doubly excited about the upcoming Baisakhi for year 2012: Not only was it going to be Baisakhi, but I knew in my heart that it would be special. I was stationed at the shoe counter and was glad of the sewa. As they say, the best cosmetics for the lips is jaap; for the mind is simran; for the eyes, it is darshan; for the ears, gurbani and for the hands, sewa. My darshan began with Guruji's strong fragrance. Devotees standing a hundred meters away smelt it, too.

I hadn't eaten anything since morning and prayed to Guruji to send prasad-and a devotee gave me two samosas. My faith that this would be a special Baisakhi was renewed. I continued with darshan till midnight and then went inside the Mandir. I bowed before Guruji's flower-decked aasan, and sat in the hall. A devotee pointed to the petals on my forehead; they were a mark of His blessings.

I went outside to have langar; and got more darshan because I was asking for it. I finished and went inside again to take Guruji's aagya.

This time, I wanted to dance in front of my Guruji and wished that music be played. Though the music had stopped half an hour ago, the moment I was in the Mandir hall, it was announced that songs would be played for another ten minutes on the sangat's demand. I had tears in my eyes. Guruji was giving me whatever I asked of Him.

The sangat was taking Guruji's leave and I was among the last to depart from the hall. Again,I wished for more darshan. The moment I stepped out I had to sweep the floor right outside the hall. When I got up, neatly printed on my knees, in dust, was an OM.

I had had such beautiful moments in the Mandir. I took Guruji's aagya and left for my place.

Before going to bed, I have got into the habit of reading two or three satsangs from Light of Divinity. I thanked Guruji for all the blessings He had given me and went to sleep. Guruji had planned more for me.

He gave me His divine darshan in my dream. I couldn't believe what I saw when I got up. I was at the Mandir hall. The sangat was coming and bowing and moving away from Guruji. Guruji asked me to sit in front of Him. I did so but was scared. Guruji placed His hand on my head, smiled and said I was blessed. Wow! There are no words to describe His unlimited blessings on the sangat. May all of us continue to be blessed by our divine Guruji. All that we need to do is surrender to Him and let Him do the rest. Jai Guruji! I love you, Guruji.

Gaurav Wasan, a devotee

April 2012