Answering a couple's silent prayers

Gaurav Marwaha, July 2007 हिंदी
Mr Gaurav Marwaha ran a business in Sadar Bazaar, Delhi, which was not doing too well. He was advised by his cousin, a devotee, to visit Guruji. He and his wife went to Guruji; on their motor bike. The very first day, his wife sitting on the rear of the bike, started praying to Guruji. She told Him that it was very uncomfortable on the bike and would He please do something about it.

Soon, the business started doing well and in less than a month, the couple was able to buy a car. They thought they had had a stroke of good luck. An old devotee pointed to Guruji's invisible hand in the affair, but the couple did not believe this.

The lady decided to get convinced only if Guruji would recognize her. The next time they came to the sangat, Guruji casually said that many Muslims from Janakpuri were coming for the sangat. Then, He amended His statement to say that He was referring to Muslims from the trans-Yamuna area.

Now the lady happened to be a Muslim and was living in Janakpuri. But, within a few weeks of Guruji's statement, the couple shifted to the trans-Yamuna area. Soon after shifting to the new house, the lady got pregnant.

Days passed, the lady went for check-ups. One day, doctors told the couple that complications were expected and advised them to abort the pregnancy.

Devotees told the couple that since they were coming to Guruji nothing would go wrong and they should keep their faith. They kept on coming to Guruji and, later, the lady gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

In 2005, on Guruji's birthday, Guruji called Gaurav's wife. Guruji told her that she had become too fat. She merely smiled and went away. Less than a month after Guruji had spoken, without exercising, joining a slimming course or dieting, the lady lost over 15 kgs of weight.

The couple's first impression that they had brought a car by chance was proved utterly mistaken. Guruji Himself often says: "Nothing is by chance, everything is by choice." And only He can make choices because He is God.

Gaurav Marwaha, devotee

July 2007