Manifesting His magical grace

Gaurav, September 2013
I have a shop, where I have hung Guruji's photo. A customer--a lady--came to my shop in the evening. She saw Guruji's photograph and inquired about Him. I told her that He was my Guru. The lady said she had seen Guruji but could not recall where. Assuming that she was mistaken, I told her that Guruji had taken mahasamadhi in year 2007 though his devotees still had his darshan.

The lady then said something surprising: She had seen a baba, whom she now knew to be Guruji, three months ago (June 2013) at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon. She was at the hospital with her mother. The mother had been diagnosed with cancer and taken to an ICU ward, and the diagnostics were costing a hefty Rs 80,000. The daughter, herself, had high blood pressure.

The baba had apparently sat down with the daughter and assured her that nothing would happen, and she should not worry. The great master was dressed in yellow robes and kept smiling reassuringly.

The doctors called the daughter and told her that to their amazement her mother was fine. She had no trace of cancer. Both were delighted beyond words. When they came outside, they found that the baba was still sitting at his spot-smiling.

As my father and I heard the lady's amazing tale, we immediately understood that Guruji had saved her mother's life by manifesting His grace. We were glad that those people who had not even heard of Guruji were recipients of His sorrow-banishing grace. We rationalized by thinking that some Guru devotee must have been remembering Guruji in the hospital, and Guruji would have come to save his life and been drawn to heal the mother too.

This is my very first satsang. I had never imagined it would be so magical. Thank you, Guruji. Jai Guruji!

Gaurav, a devotee

September 2013