Keep going with faith

Garima Sethi, May 2015
I had heard so much about Guruji that I wanted to visit the Bade Mandir. I talked to my family about it; they did not decline, but were never keen on going. Opportunity came when my neighbours told me that they were going to the Mandir. I took my mother's permission and went along.

At the Mandir, I felt so good. After having chai prasad, a lightness of being came over me: I felt energetic and restored. I made up my mind to bring my mother for darshan as well. And we have been coming ever since. My father was not interested at first, but now he comes with us unfailingly.

Professionally, things have changed for the better for me. I am in a sales role, and my sales figures had been decreasing. I was really worried about my job. Yet, to my amazement, my performance improved. Sales increased and I attained second rank at the time of my appraisal.

With time I got Guruji's locket and His swaroop. I visited the Mandir on the most auspicious days- Mahashivratri, Budhpurnima and Ekadashi-recently without planning to.

Guruji is with me. He blesses everyone who comes and connects with Him. His sangat is a treasure house of endless experiences of faith.

Clearly, with Guruji it is Blessings Always. Keep going and have faith in Him. Come and experience His blessings first-hand. Jai Guruji!

Garima Sethi, a devotee

May 2015