My life changed for the better

Garima Sawhney, July 2014
Satguru main teri patang; hava mein urti jaun gi, baba dor hath to chaddi na main katti jaun gi

I took my own time to come to Guruji's durbar though I had known about Him before His mahasamadhi. I reached the Mandir only in November 2012. In the years since, my life has turned for the better and everything happens for the good. I have never lost faith in Him and always abide by His wishes. "Jo apko theek lage," I say,"Vahi theek hai." (Whatever you wish is best.) And His blessings have flowed into my life. I got married and I changed my job per His command because He is the master of the universe and He alone knows what is best for us.

My colleague is blessed

I work with an IT firm. It is my routine to begin my day in office by reading a satsang online. One of my colleagues asked me about Guruji and His website and I responded with a satsang. He laughed at me and put Guruji in the same category as the other babas. I really felt bad and made sure that I never spoke to my colleague about Guruji again.

Soon I learnt that his health had become miserable. He was undergoing tests that were giving him emotional as well as physical pain. I got the courage to speak again to him about Guruji and did some satsangs. He was very scared since his final reports were due to come out that very evening. I gave him my own locket of Guruji's and told him to keep it in his pocket. I assured him that all would be well. He visited Guruji's website and read satsangs there for two to three hours. In the evening, I was surprised to receive his call. He was exhilarated, shouting that Guruji had blessed him. Today he is a regular at Guruji's sangat.

Guruji keeps my faith

My husband and I were very late in starting out for a relative's place. While he got the car ready, I picked out jewellery to wear from the house locker, including his diamond ring though he dislikes wearing jewellery. I walked to the car with the ring in my hand. At that moment, someone called me and I totally forgot about the ring.

Two days after we had returned from the function, I thought of the ring. It was missing. I was shocked; I had misplaced it. I prayed really hard to Guruji that night. My last (very bleak) hope was that the ring was in the car, so I went to search for it there, chanting Guruji's name all the while.

The moment I opened the car door, the ring was smiling at me from the rear passenger seat. I could not believe that nobody had noticed a huge diamond ring sitting on the seat of the car for two days! I am convinced that Guruji was taking care of the ring. Jai Guruji!

Guruji knows our past, present and future. Never question Him and always follow His command.

Garima Sawhney, a devotee

July 2014