An immediate langar cure

Gagan, July 2015

Gagan had a painful problem. Whenever he would go to the washroom, his stomach would protest in acute pain. His doctor told him to get an ultrasound done. But before the diagnostic test, his wife took him to the Bade Mandir along with his parents.

The family had come to know that the langar healed body and mind, but Gagan did not believe that was true. He went for darshan with his family. They had langar and came out of the Mandir.

They had not gone very far, when Gagan vomited. How would he get cured if his body could not even digest the langar, he wondered. His wife spoke up as if in response to his thoughts: The langar had thrown out the infection from his body, she proclaimed.

Back in the house, when Gagan went to the washroom he found that indeed he had no pain. He still doubted that he had been healed though. But the pain did not recur the next morning-and has never since. Gagan now believes that this is solely due to the miracle of Guruji's langar.

Gagan, a devotee

July 2015