Sweet blessings heal young girl of cancer

Eva Seth, November 2016
We heard about Guruji from my mom's friend in January of 2016. She couldn't stop speaking about Him. She'd narrate satsangs, frequently telling us about the miraculous cures He had affected and His aura of divinity. My mom was impressed, but it was only three months later that we went to Guruji's.

That was because I was diagnosed with acute leukaemia, or blood cancer. At the age of 20, my world trembled and crashed around me. But almost simultaneously came the recognition that there was Guruji. His descent into our lives was so timely!

As my medical treatment began, so did Guruji's. From day one, I began taking jal and langar prasad and everything that came from Guruji via various means. But one day in May I was critical and had to be taken to the hospital. I had multiple infections and high fever. I was in a high-risk state and struggling to survive. I thought I was nearing my end, but felt that my suffering was not over.

All I could do was surrender myself to Guruji, say sorry to Him for my sins and do his simran.

The very next day while I was doing simran, a devotee of Guruji's came and sat on the chair of my hospital room. Only I could see and hear him! My mother, present in the room, could not. He asked me to eat prasad which would be served in a dargah behind Jama Masjid between 5 pm and 8 pm. It was the 18th of May, a Wednesday, and my father, to whom I confided the visitation, rushed to the dargah to get prasad for me. The caretakers there told him prasad was not served on Wednesday. But my father had faith that he was following Guruji's command, not whimsy. By 6:30 pm though, with no one giving out any prasad, my father was losing hope. Suddenly, around 7:00 pm two gentlemen came with bags full of jalebi and served prasad. Everyone present at the dargah was pleasantly shocked. At the hospital that night, my only dinner was jalebi. And today I can proudly say that it is the biggest blessing I have received from Guruji.

The next day Guruji himself came to my room. A lovely fragrance spread all over as He stood in front of me in a pink chola, asking: "Aur ki haal kudiye?" (How are you, my dear girl?) I was overwhelmed.

Soon I returned home. My father saw an ऊॅ written on the window panes over the staircase in the house. It signified Guruji's presence and bore testimony to the healing I had received from the divine hand.

I have been given another birth and it belongs solely and entirely to Guruji. Many many thanks to Guruji for being with me every moment of my life.

Eva Seth, devotee

November 2016