Black magic turns fair

Ekta Sandhir, August 2013

We came to know about Guruji in November 2009, when my mother's younger sister, a US resident, came here for attending a family wedding. She told us about Guruji, how she attended satsangs that were organized at her neighbour's place, and how He had given her the strength to bear the harassment of her husband and in-laws. We saw that our aunt had been blessed: She had changed for the better and easily passed through each hardship. My family started believing in Guruji.

We are a family of four. I am the eldest at 22 years old and work as a radio jockey in Ahmedabad. My brother is three years younger to me. We are simple people, a small middle-class family with big hearts and rich values and as children we received good education and never wanted for basic luxuries and requirements.

However, our family could have been ruined for all our lives.

My father and his elder brother ran a transport company for 15 years. My father, who was a partner in the company since the beginning, worked as a dutiful younger brother and never asked for anything. However, my parental uncle and aunt had evil intentions. They hurt our family through my mother even as they denied us money and facilities.

My father came to know that my uncle and aunt went to tantric and babas who inflicted black magic on my mother for years. She could not sleep; she could not even open her eyes. She felt 'wrong souls' were entering her body. She found it difficult to eat. She was afraid of fire. Each day was a living night for her. We tried to find remedies in different temples, rituals, and havans, but nothing helped. Our relatives turned their back on us. We were left with no social prestige, and we lost all hope.

And then Guruji entered into our lives-the light of divinity. He took us under His refuge. My aunt was His messenger. She told us to light a candle for Guruji. She talked to us about His divine blessings in the form of chai prasad, langar, His roseate fragrance.

Soon, our family took a big positive step ahead, as Guruji slowly cleansed our home and our souls, too. The dirt caused by malefic intent was removed. He improved my mom's health, too. A diabetic patient, she is now of normal health. Our house is pure now, we all sleep without disturbance, we eat food, we are blessed, we are not scared of anyone.

I am a working woman, while my brother is doing well in his career. My dad is now not working with my uncle. Though there is a bit of a financial crisis, we are not worried anymore as we know He is there always. He has given a second life to us; there are times we have felt His roseate fragrance in the house.

Two months ago, we managed to host a very nice satsang and langar at our place, and the entire family was invited. And just last week He blessed us: We were able to go to the Bade Mandir.

Even though as an RJ I cannot get leave from work, with His blessings not only did they come through, but we managed to book first-class railway tickets to Delhi and our accommodation too was arranged. We reached Bade Mandir on the 28th of July. We saw the whole ashram, meditated and were enveloped in His presence for almost three to four hours. We also had langar prasad.

But it turned into a divine visit, when we had Guruji's darshan-that too in human form. All four of us were sitting on the right side of the inner hall when all of us saw a bald, tall, supremely fair man enter, come forward towards the Shiva idol, and pause for perhaps five seconds. The figure was in profile and glowing. He did not bend or look at Guruji's seat, and was the only one who looked back at us. No one stopped him from going out of the left entrance at the front of the hall and within seconds he had disappeared. We took a good look around us then and when we sat down for langar, but he wasn't there.

We did not immediately think we had had darshan. After two days, when we were wondering how we could tell if we had Guruji's darshan, our aunt called us up from the US. She asked us about our experience at Bade Mandir, inquiring specifically about the darshan. When we told her, we understood that He had given us darshan in that form. Ah! We are blessed now. I have nothing else to say, and I am very content. He is there to look after everything. No worries, no pains.

Om namah Shivay;Shivji sada Sahay

Om namah Shivay, Guruji sada Sahay

Ekta Sandhir, Ahmedabad

August 2013