Guruji blesses us with a lovely child

Ekta and Mohit Garg, January 2016
I came to Guruji's refuge near the end of November 2012 though I had heard of Him before. It was my sister-in-law who was instrumental. She had come to know about Guruji in turn from her brother-in-law and his wife. They had been blessed with children by Guruji.

This was likely the springboard to my sister-in-law asking us to go for His darshan to Bade Mandir. She knew that I had suffered three miscarriages in one and a half years, which had shattered me, my husband and the family. We all went to Bade Mandir and soon my husband and I became regulars. My mother-in-law also became a firm devotee.

I conceived the next year in March. The next medical step was to go for an ultrasound. In all my pregnancies, the ultrasound had proved to be a dampener showing that the foetus had no heartbeat. This time, I left everything to Guruji and asked Him to do whatever is right for us. By chance, we went for a general check-up during the fifth week of my pregnancy. The doctor surprised us by suggesting an ultrasound and though we were mentally unprepared, we went for it. My relief was huge when the doctor informed me that she could hear a foetal heart beat—expectedly faint keeping in mind the early stage of pregnancy.

I can't forget the moment when I came out of the ultrasound room to inform my husband. He thanked Guruji for His kind blessings. All my family members were happy, and we began re-applying ourselves to prayer in earnest. I had been suggested full bed-rest and I complied fully.

Guruji also helped me manage the professional side of things. I was released from my project in Feb 2013—just around the time I became aware of my pregnancy. Had I remained in the project, it would have been difficult to request a release. Unexpectedly, I was also cleared for a promotion the following year.

During my pregnancy, I had always prayed to Guruji for His darshans and a word of reassurance. It was my husband who had His darshan, where Guruji told him: "Bachha taan ho reha hai, sab theek ho reha hai." (The child will be born; everything is all right).

True to His words, in October 2013, we were blessed with a son. I am thankful to Guruji for taking us under His refuge and pray for His blessings always.

Ekta and Mohit Garg, devotees

January 2016