Prayer leads to source of grace

Divya Garga, October 2012
I am a new entrant to Guruji's world. My cousin introduced me to Guruji when my mother was being treated for cancer. I was lucky enough to visit Bade Mandir in September or October of 2011 and was awestruck by the temple and devotees' experiences with Guruji.

However, it was to be one year before I was drawn towards Guruji. My sister-in-law had suffered two successive miscarriages. When I heard the news, in September 2012, that she was pregnant again, I prayed to Guruji to save her child. But she lost the child. It may be the time was not ripe or my prayers did not have strength. As it is I am unable to come to the Bade Mandir, but since I do not have Guruji's photograph, I downloaded them from His website. I gave one of these to my sister-in-law, so that she could keep it under her pillow. I also placed one under mine.

I also read the satsangs of devotees on the site and was convinced that Guruji would take me in His sharan. Just a couple of days later, I dreamt of Guruji. He was attired in saffron clothes and I saw Him in a pose I have not seen in any of His on-site photos. I could not understand the relevance of the dream.

It became clear one day as I returned home from my office. I felt a strong urge to meet a saint who resides in an ashram located near my house. Never in the last two-three years since the ashram has been constructed did I feel the desire to go to this ashram. I went to him and discussed my brothers' problem. He told me to do a few things that both my brother and his wife had to follow. I felt very relieved. And then I realized that the driving force that sent me to that ashram must be Guruji Himself. The ashram saint was dressed in a manner like Guruji's attire in my dream.

I have full faith in Guruji and believe Guruji will bless me. I have developed a habit of silently praying to Guruji regarding every silly thing. For example, once we were to meet the teachers of our daughter, but the PTM was coinciding with her brother's birthday. I was a bit worried because a small party was planned and I had to make all the arrangements. I prayed to Guruji to bail me out. And that's what happened. Children belonging to sections of other classes had their PTMs on the scheduled day, but my daughter's PTM was postponed for Saturday, as her teacher had to go to Shirdi.

I believe Guruji has spared me a glance of grace from among thousands of His devotees. Again, I pray to Guruji to bring happiness to my brother by gifting him with a child.

Divya Garga, a devotee

October 2012