Devotee speaks His Master's words, and my husband's life is saved

Disha Mehta Kak, January 2016
My journey with Guruji began in 2011. My faith was tested like others', but reaffirmed everytime by Guruji. My connection with Him grew very strong. Guruji saved my life, but this satsang is not about me. Yet it is one of the most important and miraculous experiences of my life.

My husband and I had gone to Bhubaneswar and I had returned alone. My husband, in whom the seed of faith had not yet sprouted, was staying back to return to Gopalpur, on the coast, a three hours' drive from Bhubaneswar. However, I was anxious for his safety, knowing that he had to drive back alone. The first thing I did upon my return was visit Bade Mandir with my in-laws. I was thinking of my husband at the Mandir, where we all enjoyed prasad. My father-in-law requested that I get him another bread pakora prasad. I told him he should get it on his own, as prasad should not be passed around or shared. He insisted that I come along to get it—so I did, talking to him about the book 'Surcharged with Divine Love' and relating how Guruji had said that if somebody was impolite or harsh to you inside the Mandir it was a blessing. He had said that if a devotee scolded you or was rude, that devotee took your karma upon himself.

I'd just spoken these words when, out of nowhere, an old sewadar put a hand on my shoulder, addressed me as daughter and cautioned that I should have had prasad only once, not twice. I was embarrassed, but replied politely that I had not come for the prasad and was not standing in line for it. I was accompanying my father-in-law. But the sewadar did not budge and questioned me again:"Taan phir aithe ki kar rahin hai?" (What are you doing here then?) I gave the same explanation. The sewadar laughed on my face and on top of his voice wondered how my father-in-law could not have come to get his own prasad. His words were "Woh koi gigga kaka hai jeda kalla nahin ja sakda." I was thoroughly embarrassed, I looked down and walked out. It was 11:15 am of a Monday morning—it was going to turn out to be a time stamp of Guruji's grace.

I was annoyed about how rudely the devotee had behaved, not realising that I had mentioned just minutes ago how such an incident was a means for Guruji's blessing.

A week later, my husband confessed that he had been keeping something to himself, since he did not want to alarm me. He said that the past Monday, when he was driving back to Gopalpur, the front tyre of the car had come loose. He was likely doing somewhere between 80km/hr and 100km/hr on the national highway, and the car had drifted down towards the fields, speeding along and then turned upside down. My husband had managed to come out of the window, was taken to the hospital and pronounced unhurt, with not even a scratch on his body. Although the car was damaged beyond repair, he felt his blood pressure and heartbeat had remained normal during the accident. Guruji's grace saved him, and turned him into a believer.

And the time of the accident? Around 11 am, Monday. While I was being scolded at the Bade Mandir, my husband was being saved. I always knew and believed that Guruji helps us out, but this was truly amazing.

At the Bade Mandir that Monday, through that rude sewadar, Guruji was solving the problem that was heading towards us. Even the words of the sewadar were meant to be a blessing: Woh koi gigga kaka hai jeda kalla nahin ja sakda. Indeed, how could anyone who has Guruji with him as the Lord ever be alone?

With gratitude and love for Guruji, we surrender our lives and our souls to Him. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Guruji. Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay, Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay.

Disha Mehta Kak, a devotee

January 2016