Guruji makes me pass teacher's test after two years

Dimple Dhiman, December 2012
I have been living in Sydney, Australia, since 2002 with my husband and two children. I belong to a Sikh family and my husband comes from a Punjabi family. Since childhood I have seen my mother praying and believing in all gods and goddesses.

I came to know of Guruji from my mother in October 2010. She, in turn, had come to know of Him through my sister. What shall I write about Guruji, the divine power! Praising Him would be like showing the light to the sun!

In Sydney, the job I held then involved working in shifts. Resultantly, my husband and I had problems looking after the kids. I decided the best course of action was to become a teacher so that I could balance my family and work.

I did my Masters of Teaching in Australia and started teaching in Catholic schools. I was granted permission based on my graduate degrees. I also wanted to teach in public schools. The Department of Education there had one condition: Those who came from Asian countries had to sit for a test called the Professional English Assessment Test (PEAT). Without passing this test you could not teach in public schools.

It is a four-part test that is valid for two years. That is, you have to pass in all the four components in two years. If you fail in any one, you apply again and have to pass in all the parts. I appeared for this test in 2009. I cleared three parts of the test in 2009 but got stuck in one component despite prayers and preparation. The test was valid till November 2011.

It was October, 2010 when my mother told me about Guruji and asked me to pray to Him. I was going through a lot of stress and depression because of work and personal problems. I had to pass the test before its validity expired. I had never seen Guruji so I asked for His photo. My mother, who was in Bangalore at that time (she has moved to Delhi now with Guruji's grace), promised to post me Guruji's photos. She also asked me to look at His website. The day I was supposed to sit for my next attempt, I opened up the site and prayed to Him. It was very difficult for me to believe in someone whom I had neither seen nor knew about. I went for my exam, the result came and again I did not get the A grade required to pass. Instead, I had managed a B+.

I was very disappointed, as now I was left with only a couple of attempts. That day my mum began sharing satsangs with me over the phone and Skype. My mother also sent me Guruji's photos, CDs and DVDs. I visited Guruji's website, praying to Him by looking at his photos which I kept in my bedroom and my mandir. I started watching Guruji's DVDs and listening to the CDs.

Initially, it was very hard for me to accept Him as God. My views changed when I saw dreams where Guruji gave me darshan and spoke to me. I had a dream where I saw innumerable shivalings of different sizes. I was drawn to Guruji and felt as if I had found my father. My father had expired when I was very little. I found love and affection in Guruji's eyes. I began believing and trusting Him like you would trust your parents. I also had Guruji's satsang at our house.

Soon the time came when I had to sit for the exam. It was my last attempt, and I prayed to Guruji. The result came and I got a B+. I was getting B+ consecutively in this single component alone. I cried a lot and asked Guruji: "What happened? All my prayers didn't work?" Then I thought that may be this happened because of Guruji's will and stopped complaining.

When I spoke to my mum in India she persuaded me to apply for a re-evaluation. She narrated the satsang of a devotee. He too had needed specific marks but did not get them. Guruji then asked him to apply for re-marking, and he was successful.

I applied for re-marking. But I was doubtful since I had gone through the procedure in the past whenever I got a B+ grade, but to no avail. Only under special conditions did the evaluators consider changing a grade. They did not guarantee any change and the result came after six weeks of your application being submitted.

I waited. I kept on praying to Guruji, since passing this test was critical for my career. A few days later, Guruji came in my dreams and told me that He had given me an A grade. To my and my family's surprise, two weeks after my submission, I received a letter from the university saying that they had granted me an A and that I had cleared the exam. I was crying and I was happy at the same time. I knew who had done the impossible-my Guruji, our Guruji, the one and only divine power. I knew that my Guruji had solved a problem that had been intractable for almost two years. I thanked Guruji for His blessings.

Guruji is very great and generous. Guruji has been with me through everything and every day, every moment has been blessed by Him. Guruji takes care of everything, but one has to surrender fully and believe in Him wholly. He is the Divine and Supreme power and we are lucky to come under Guruji's sharan. Jai Guruji!

Dimple Dhiman

December 2012