Heading for tempo at 100km/hr, he remembered Guruji

Deepak Gupta, July 2007 हिंदी
Mr Deepak Gupta was once doing some work at Bade Mandir during the preparations for Guruji's birthday in 2005. He received a call from another devotee to deliver a bag (which the latter had forgotten) at the Chattarpur mandir turning, just over 10 kms from Bade Mandir.

As the bag was required urgently, Deepak was driving his car at more than 100 km/hr. It was raining heavily and the road was wet. Three to four kilometres before Chattarpur mandir, on a sharp turn, Deepak found a tempo blocking the road.

There was no way he could get past the tempo and he was going too fast to stop.

At 100km/hr plus, he hit the brakes, but was sure the car would never stop. When the car was about to crash into the tempo, he just closed his eyes and remembered Guruji...

Bang...Bang...Bang... he just felt a few shocks and opened his eyes. He observed that his car had crossed the tempo and was in neutral gear with the ignition and the air conditioner off.

He looked back; the tempo driver was staring at him. He looked around and checked; there was no space on either side of the tempo for the car to have possibly passed by. He was wondering how and from where his car had crossed the tempo.

Deepak was unable to comprehend what had happened. After delivering the bag, he returned to Bade Mandir. He asked someone to check his car, because he had heard those bangs. Surprisingly, the car had no damage, no defect and no signs of an accident. He had escaped a sure accident in a very mysterious fashion.

Deepak Gupta, devotee

July 2007