Jakon rakhe sainya . . .

Deepa Gupta, July 2015
My bond with Guruji is only a year old, but during this period He has given me a lot and protected my only son.

A couple of years ago, a pundit had predicted that danger would befall my son in his eleventh year. The pundit had even written down the month, date and time of the calamity - July 20, 2015. But by divine grace I came under Guruji's sharan and relaxed.

As the date neared, I was scared. But, with His inspiration and blessings, I held a satsang in my house on Guruji's birthday. That day my son wore Guruji's locket, and I was very happy that Guruji was with him.

The next day when my son returned from school I saw a big scar on the locket. I was alarmed and asked him if he had fallen or hurt himself. He hadn't been injured in any manner and had no idea how the locket had been marked. I knew instantly that it was Guruji who had taken whatever had to befall my son upon himself. I thanked Guruji, but found myself tense as July 20 neared.

A day before the date, I prayed and offered kada prasad as bhog at home. The family saw the sacred mark of His blessings, OM, written over twice on the prasad. 20th July came-and went by peacefully with Guruji's blessings. I thank Guruji for being with me and my family and protecting us always. I love you, Guruji! Jai Guruji!

[Following section added June 2016]

Guruji preserves mom's dignity despite surgery

Year 2013 gave us a great shock when we suddenly lost our father. Our mother lost the zeal to live and became unlively. Our efforts to pep her up - we are four sisters - were to no avail.

A year later, in June of 2014, Mummy complained of pain near her nose and right cheek. We took it lightly, thinking it was due to a cold; but, the pain increased and we took her to the family physician. Medicines for the cold didn't help and X-rays were taken. The reports needed to be seen by a neurologist and, luckily, one of my elder sister's friends was on hand. She advised an MRI, which showed an aggressive tumour, growing rapidly on her cheekbone.

We were advised to take Mummy to Vedanta, Delhi. Without wasting a day, my sister took Mummy to Delhi. She was shown to doctors in three hospitals, and the prognosis was the same: The tumour was very large and growing rapidly. It had already affected the upper jaw and, at its rate of growth, it would affect her eyes and skull. A quick operation was mandatory.

The doctors at Apollo appealed to us the most. The doctor who was to operate on Mummy explained the situation to us. As the tumour was large, he would have to access it by cutting open her cheek. The cheekbone, on which the eye rested, would also be removed. Resultantly, after the operation Mom's face would be deformed, with the cheek losing firmness and the eye drooping. Mummy could also lose her vision. The doctor wanted to do the operation on the following Thursday, three days later.

We were heartbroken. Our mother, even at the age of 74, was very conscious of her beauty; she would be hurt when we told her of the necessity of the operation.

When we talked to mom, she was silent. That afternoon my younger sister who stays in Noida heard about Guruji from her aunt, who talked about the many miracles He had brought about. We decided to take mom to Bade Mandir on Monday itself.

Everyone's morale was boosted by the positive vibes at the Mandir. All of us surrendered to Guruji. Since Papa was no more, Guruji was the head of our family, our dad, our grandfather . . . . We all subscribed to one thought: We would do whatever Guruji wanted and His answer would come through mom. If she would say yes to the operation, we would go ahead with it; otherwise, not. After returning from Bade Mandir, mom said she was ready for the operation.

We prayed hard to Guruji for the next three days.

The day of the operation came. Mom was admitted, and we kept a small swaroop of Guruji under her pillow. On the bed, she requested the doctor to try a laser surgery. The doctor gave her a nod, but told us definitively that since the tumour was very large, laser surgery was impossible.

The operation was to last for four to five hours. We decided to donate blood in the hospital, while my younger sister, who was pregnant, waited in the lobby.

Soon she received a call from the doctor, asking her to meet him outside the OT, upstairs. She informed us between sobs and we thought it was all over. But outside the OT, the doctor met us with a smile. He came forward and hugged my younger sister. He said he was amazed: It had been a miraculous surgery.

Just before he began the operation, he had got an X-ray done which showed that the tumour looked really large. But when he saw it, he told us, the tumour was one-fourth the size. He could use a laser! The doctor had no clue how the tumour reduced by itself, but we knew that it was the grace of our beloved Guruji.

The doctor removed the tumour as well as half of mum's upper jaw and cheekbone. He padded these areas, but expected the eye to droop after the material was removed.

Mom came out fine from the surgery. She was talking and her face was perfect. The day the padding was removed, another miracle came to pass. The eye was in its place - without any support - and mum's vision was intact too. The doctor was surprised, and we were happy and once again thanked Guruji.

Many more miracles happened with Mummy. She survived for 10 months after the surgery. By Guruji's grace her vision, her face was perfect: Her cheeks retained their form minus a cheekbone, and her eye remained intact without support.

This was only because of Guruji. We are thankful to Guruji that He did not allow mom's face to be disfigured. Jai Guruji!

Deepa Gupta, a devotee

July 2015