Guruji heals a family

Dr. Dang, April 2008
In February 1998, I had a heart attack. I was admitted to Noida Medical Centre. After I was discharged, one of my friends told me about Guruji. At that time, He was in Greater Kailash. I went to Guruji to seek His blessings, and He blessed me. After three weeks, I went for a Tread Mill Test (TMT; aka the stress test). This time, I was on the machine for almost 14 minutes, which was astonishing. After a heart attack you can't do the test for more than six minutes. The doctor compared my old and latest ECG reports and was shocked to see a dramatic improvement. When I went to mandir to have Guruji's darshan, He said: "I have blessed you and failed the doctors."

I had been suffering from high blood pressure since many years. He cured me of that - and in an amazing fashion. He told me that I should have two pegs of whisky, and my BP would come under control. And since I have followed Guruji's prescription, my blood pressure has been normal.

Once in October of 1998, I had spondylitis pain at night. Instead of dealing with the pain in the normal fashion, I prayed to Guruji. Unbelievably, the pain was gone, and in a matter of just two minutes.

I was not the only one in my family to be showered with Guruji's blessings. My entire family received His blessings from time to time. My elder daughter had a terrible stomachache. No one was able to diagnose what was wrong; she was bedridden and in great pain for 30 days. After she was blessed by Guruji, the pain which was not lessening despite all the medicines that she was taking, just vanished and my daughter became fine.

My daughter wanted to work for an airline firm. And though she was initially rejected, but at the very last moment, with Guruji's blessings, she left India for London for training. There, she was interviewed on telephone from London and selected then and there for Tazakhistan Airlines. And all this happened within just 48 hours - it was truly amazing.

Guruji also cured my wife of sciatica overnight, and my younger daughter's sinus problem, too.

His blessings were not limited to my family. One of my patients too benefited from Guruji's blessings. Mrs. Ravinder Singh had come to me for dental treatment. But, she had a blood sugar count of 300-400 for the last four years and was on insulin.

I gave her one of Guruji's photo to keep in her purse and asked her to pray to Guruji. I then asked her to wait for her tooth extraction till her blood sugar came down. After three days, she came to the clinic with the grand news that her blood sugar had miraculously come down to 135 in the last four days. I gave her Guruji's prasad and told her to do puja of the photograph and to come for Guruji's darshan when she was better.

Dr. Dang, devotee

April 2008