Guruji takes care of mine and husband's health

Daljeet Kaur, March 2015
Since we have come under Guruji's sharan, we have found that He takes care of His devotees in every little detail.

For the last two decades, I had been suffering from a peculiar mental ailment. It could be called chronic confusion. I would not understand how to go about my normal household chores. What should I start doing first and how? By 11 in the morning I would be exhausted from the amount of energy that had gone into sorting through the chores in my mind.

I was worried because I had read that this disorder afflicted people throughout their lives.

But a month ago I realized that I could do my chores in a normal manner without getting tired. I realized then that my confusion too had disappeared. And I had thought that I would never be relieved of this ailment. Guruji had done the impossible.

Guruji's grace fell on my husband, too. His creatinine level had increased and he had to undertake dialysis. With both my children being overseas, I had to handle the regular hospitalization process by myself. Guruji was with me every step of the way and never made me feel alone. The hospital where we went was new and very neat. The cleanliness had been an issue with our earlier hospital. We believed Guruji had directed us to this hospital, where we had come for a consultation with a general physician because of my husband's loss of appetite. We had no idea that this was this was due to the poor functioning of his kidney. The doctor suggested we consult the nephrologist of the hospital, and my husband's dialysis started the very next day. Guruji had wanted us to get it done in this clean hospital. Thank you so much, Guruji. With His grace, my husband has been leading a normal life as far as possible though he has to undergo dialysis twice a week for four to five hours each.

Our wishes are endless, but I pray that Guruji stops my husband's dialysis.

Thank you so much, Guruji, for fulfilling all my wishes. Jai Guruji!

Daljeet Kaur, a devotee

March 2015