Nothing by coincidence once under his sharan

Chander Prakash, November 2018
When you have developed a connection with Guruji, He begins shaping your life and there is nothing like coincidence. I recently went to a Central Government Health Scheme dispensary to get my colonoscopy referred to an authorized private hospital.

The doctor instead asked me to go to Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi. He had me sent to a room where the attending would refer me to the government hospital. The doctor there was busy and I waited. He took a call, where he talked about visiting Karachi for darshan at a particular gurudwara. That made me think he was a devotee of Shri Guru Nanak Devji.

When the doctor turned to me, I explained the matter. He started making entries into a computer. Just then, a Sardarji entered the doctor's room and they began making conversation. The doctor queried me about my work and self and I told him how I believed in Guruji. The Sardarji then told us that He had seen Guruji in person. He asked the doctor if he had visited the Mandir. The doctor had!

The doctor now printed out a sheet of paper, gave it to me and asked me to go to a private hospital directly for the colonoscopy. I was surprised and thanked him. The visit ended by our exchanging "Jai Guruji".

As I reflected on the visit, I realized that Guruji is omnipresent and always with His devotees. He saved me time and money and the hardship of going to a government hospital. Jai Guruji!

Chander Prakash, a devotee

November 2018