Blessings of healing, faith and love

Commander B.S. Rekhi, December 2009
About four years ago we had gone to Jalandhar to visit Guruji. My wife, Guddi, complained to Him that I could not sit cross-legged. Guruji blessed me and simply said, "Baithe ga" (He will sit.) I had not been able to do so even at my wedding. Yet, having been blessed by Guruji, I was able to sit cross-legged.

Over the last few years I had been suffering from an enlarged prostate. That made it difficult to control urination, which caused occasional embarrassment. What made me worry more was that my elder brother, a doctor, had his enlarged prostate operated upon at Apollo Hospital. My younger brother's too had a benign tumour and he had to be operated upon in New York, where he resides.

Circumstances and family pressures led to my going for a check-up at the Mahindra Hospital in May 1998. My PSA (prostate specific antigen) reading was 4.15, slightly high. In January 1999, tests at the Military Hospital led to a PSA reading of 6.20, which had me very worried. Guruji then blessed me. My condition improved dramatically. I went in for another check-up and in May 1999 tests at the Research & Referral Hospital showed a PSA reading of 1.589 to the utter disbelief and bewilderment of the Colonel, a specialist.

I told doctors I had taken no treatment other than Guruji's blessings. On their insisting that the reading may be faulty, I got a test done from Dr. Lal's Laboratory at Connaught Place. The PSA of 3.34 was normal. I am most grateful to Guruji.

I had a back problem. During this period that too disappeared through Guruji's blessings given through prasad, kirtan and langar, and the spiritually charged environment of the satsangs.

Guruji also blessed my sister-in-law Harbir and Rubina, her daughter. In the third week of December 1998, the family-settled in Chicago for the last nine years-had decided to visit India. Ten days before their departure, they were packing for the trip when a suitcase fell on Harbir. She knocked her head hard against the wall; she had a brain haemorrhage. Doctors warned her that the India visit could be fatal for her. She took the risk. The fog delayed and diverted her flight. She found herself in a bed at her cousin's house unable to move. My wife and I placed Guruji's photo under her pillow and administered Guruji's prasad (misri) to her periodically. After two hours Harbir got up and talked. We took the family to Guruji the next day and she sat with the sangat for three hours at a stretch. She was happy and well. Rubina had told her to cancel all her club programmes for the New Year and to come for Guruji's blessings. That night we stayed with Guruji till 2 in the morning. Harbir seemed cured, happy, and in her elements.

Guruji also blessed Rubina for her Bachelor of Dental Surgery course. (For Guruji would jokingly define BDS as "Batti Dandaan da Sarvanash", which literally means spoiling the set of 32 teeth.) He told Rubina that her other problem, asthma, could worsen temporarily before it was cured.

As Guruji had foretold, Harbir appeared cured, but Rubina's condition worsened. On 1st and 2nd January Harbir dumped all her medicines and shopped for the length of both the days. She was none the worse for wear. Upon arrival in Chicago, a check-up found she was cured of all ailments-all due to Guruji's blessings.

Rubina had a different story to tell. Upon landing at Chicago, she had to be hospitalized. A couple of days later doctors told her they had run out of medicines to cure her. Here, in the evening, we informed Guruji. He said He had already cured her. The next morning we called up Rubina. She was being discharged from hospital, and planned to attend college the next day. The night before she had Guruji's darshan in her dreams and He had cured her!

Kulbir Rekhi too was blessed by Guruji. She had a hypo-thyroid problem since 1968. She was operated upon and was well but had to go back to taking medicines in 1995. Four years later, in May 1999, Guruji blessed her. Tests in early June revealed that her thyroid problem had, surprisingly, vanished even though in her case medication was a life-long necessity. But doctors restrained her from taking any more medicines. They were surprised that with Guruji's blessings, the lifetime infliction had been cured.

Commander B.S. Rekhi, a devotee

December 2009