Let's fall in divine love

Bhawana and Shekhar, February 2015
It is a surprising fact of life: If we truly start believing that there is a power, the Sole Doer, that controls everything and surrender to it, we would certainly do better for ourselves and not burden our struggle with more pain. Yes, it is not easy to surrender. Our mind is trained to follow logic and reasoning though situations always come up for which we never have satisfactory answers.

Wish the intellect was not misrepresented as bequeathing wisdom. If that were so, many would be wise. It is only the satguru who can show us the light of illumination. Therefore, I am very grateful to Guruji for bestowing upon me experiences that have made me realise that there is a profound reason for our taking birth: To understand that in reality only Sat-Chit-Ananda prevails.

The rest is all an illusion. It is for us to uncover the veil, to pierce through appearances that have been created to disguise the true aim of the Creator. The sole purpose of Maya is to prevent us from knowing the only truth. The Panch Dushtas-anger, lust, desire, attachment, and ego-will toy with us ruthlessly and keep us whirling in the wheel of birth and death until we do not see through the illusion.

But would this attempt make our life dry and joyless (neeras)? No, absolutely not. The problem is that we wish to control our lives not knowing that all that is expected of us is to unconditionally accept life as it comes and then be the recipient of unconditional love and divine radiance.

I know, while I write this, that it's hard to comprehend that life can be simple and beautiful if we but accept how it flows. Equally true is the fact that the faith and trust that make us surrender to God whom we have never seen is certainly not easy, even more so when we are down and out with our troubles and everything seems hopeless. How can then one not complain of injustice?

But believe it or not divine love and justice is swift and absolute.

Have we ever observed nature in all its glorious seasons-vibrant and joyous spring, sweltering and ripening summer, windy and beautiful autumn, and cold and harsh winter? Even so is life with all its shades of pain and pleasure, its complexities of likes and dislikes, and it all turns out perfect as a whole. The pain in our life is a prod towards its purpose. We can never ever fully grasp life since it is the paramatma who is the generator, operator and destroyer (g.o.d.) of all manifestation. We are encapsulated by Him, but our understanding can never embody Him fully. He has all the records of our karmas, but by His will they can become insignificant. He only wants us to abdicate our authorship and understand that the minute we credit Him for everything we are liberated. Simple, yet profound.

Our existence can become a preparation to surrender to the divine if we simply accept life as it comes, do our duty, be good, do good, never harm anybody, offer our prayers, observe silence to communicate with Him and sit in samadhi for some time each day and leave the rest to Guruji.

Think of a weight-loss programme. One cannot just wish to lose weight; one has to work for it. It cannot happen until one commits to making lifelong healthy choices and conscious effort. Junk food damages and piles on fat on the body, so all that is asked of you is to incorporate a few firm steps: eat right, control portions, exercise regularly, and don't give in to temptation, i.e., control your taste buds. I made the effort and obtained the result, but I did not continue with the same vim and vigour, gave in to temptation, lost interest in my own well-being and got back to square one, which was a return to unhealthy me. I brought about my own downfall from a healthy mind and body.

Similarly, we bring upon ourselves a huge amount of pain and misery by tainting our mind, body and soul with all sorts of impurities, junk thoughts, words, deeds and actions. God is only truth, peace and happiness. He resides within us. But we have engaged for lifetimes in gross desires and actions, drowned ourselves in materialism, boosted our false egos, and neglected the call of the conscience. We have succeeded, thus, in completely obliterating HIS memory. If we have the love, the desire, the patience and the perseverance to attain His bliss in our lives, we can achieve it. The layers of dirt and darkness accumulated from many lifetimes cover our true being; by washing ourselves clean with pure love and compassion we can once again illumine ourselves. But will the new-found state last? It likely will if we don't get complacent and hasten yet another fall from heaven to hell.

We can evolve and connect with our true spirit, but not if we wrap ourselves in irrelevant worldly affairs, seduced by the charms of maya.

Life is not an intellectual exercise. One need not do any extraordinary feat. Just helping oneself by uplifting one's consciousness is the greatest gift we can bestow to ourselves and to humanity.

If we commit ourselves to a happy and peaceful life and work towards it, we will make it happen. Though certainly it's not easy and comes with its own challenges. It calls for a genuine thirst, sacrifice, discipline, effort, and pre-requisites such as no ego and no expectations. By the way, no one ever said that it would be easy, but it is possible.

Should we expect magic to happen once our dedication is in place and our efforts are sincere? That neither illness nor none of life's miseries plague us? NO. Life will continue with its highs and lows on physical, emotional, psychological and social levels but we will remain unaffected. We will remain the observer of the whole drama and knowing the role karma and the cosmos has played in it.

The Divine Light and Divine Love dwells within us but it can be found only in an inward journey which is always solitary. If we start travelling on it sincerely with all the love in our heart for the Supreme Soul, we will start enjoying it so much that a single life will be all-fulfilling. The duality of nature, the ardh-naareshwar tattva, is to be found within. Not outside. We are all complete because He is within us and we have come from Him-"All in One and One in All."

It's not easy. We can choose to follow the exemplary bhakti marga of Hanumanji, Laxman, Meerabai, Radha, and Sudama or any personage whom our heart chooses and direct it towards our guru and let go of the rest. Whatever follows will only be pure bliss. The supreme is an experience which is above and beyond any expression.

If only we were to open our eyes and ears to the bounty of the universe we would realise we get all that we need and much more than what we deserve from the ever-loving, ever-merciful Almighty. It is only the Guru who shows us the path towards God, without His Grace we can never ever take footsteps towards divinity. From being ignorant and negligent to being constantly aware that HE is present in every atom is what falling in Divine Love is all about.

All glory to my Guruji for showing me the path. But it is I who have to walk on it. Here I would like to quote Robert Frost: "The woods are lovely, dark and deep/ But I have promises to keep/ And miles to go before I sleep."

I pray to Guruji:
"May I become worthy of His Lotus Feet and may He open the channel for me to be the humble recipient of His Divine Nectar. May He hold my hand and lead me on, for I am forever His little child and I need Him Always."

Last but not the least, I am neither saintly nor special but have felt special moments of strange inner joy which keep me going and make me, for the time they last, the Vichitra Umang of my beloved Guruji.

With much light and love and the bhawana of gratitude, I sum up my spiritual emotions in two words - Jai Guruji!

Bhawana and Shekhar, a devotee couple

February 2015