Guruji restores marital harmony

Bharti, January 2013
Very recently someone close to my husband told him about Guruji. My husband was not convinced but he met an old friend in the gym, who also told him about Guruji's divine powers. It was far from me to convince him for though I believe in God, I am no believer in gurus.

Yet on the morning of the 19th of January, 2013, we decided to go to Guruji. By afternoon the decision had overturned. We had had a big fight, his phone broke and I got hurt. I found my husband egoistic and habitually angry. Our family life was coming apart due to his work issues exacerbated by the financial crisis. That afternoon, I was so hurt that I decided to take a divorce. The psychological pain was so high that I wanted to pay it back to him.

However, he soon realized his mistake and was sorry. It was 6 in the evening when he requested me to accompany him to Bade Mandir. But I was so angry that I wanted to go to my mother's house. I left with him so that he could drop me to my mother's place forever. Instead he stopped at a few shops to get his phone repaired; everywhere he was told it was of no use. He refused to drop me at my mother's place and suggested we return home. I suggested that he take me to Bade Mandir instead. He tried to argue his way out, pointing out that it was too late and that it may have closed. However, I persisted.

We started but got stuck on the way, unsure of the exact route. My phone's GPS did not work. Suddenly, one car came in front of us and 'Guruji' was written on its rear screen. A couple of other cars too lined up ahead and all had 'Guruji' on them. I told my husband to follow the cars. Sure enough, we reached Bade Mandir at 7:45 p.m.

After having Guruji's darshan and the chai prasad, I felt all my sorrows vanishing away. I again felt love for my husband. We had langar and came back home. The next morning, though we were not still on talking terms, things went well. My husband again approached one of the mobile-repair shops he had been to the last night. The shopkeeper agreed to take a look and restored the device.

It was a Monday and I also went to my office. I searched for Guruji on the Internet and found out that He no longer exists in human form. I felt as if I had been cheated of His presence and felt I would never be able to see Him. It was so saddening to know that He had left us. The same night Guruji came in my dream, wearing a black dress. I saw Him going into samadhi with closed eyes, accompanied by His devotees. I was shocked but could simultaneously feel His presence everywhere.

The next Saturday, we both went again to Bade Mandir. I then went to my mother's so that I could share my experience with her. I went into the room where we have a small mandir; it smelt strongly of incense. I met my sister and asked her if any incense had been lit, but to my astonishment the answer was no. The same night I read Guruji's satsangs and found that devotees had mentioned His fragrance. Today, I am very happy and contented under Guruji's sharan. I pray that He be with us always and show us the path to love and faith. We love you, Guruji.

Bharti, a devotee

January 2013