Guruji saves us from money worries

B Bhatia, July 2007
We came to Guruji on 4 January 2003. My wife, Usha, was suffering from chronic sinusitis since 1998. It had converted into clots. On top of that, she had a host of medical problems and was even unable to breathe properly.

Of one of the health problems, she was cured immediately. She had an ulcer in her food pipe, but it was as good as gone just as she ate the hot chilly chutney of Guruji's langar. During the sangat, Guruji even told us that He had cured her in one stroke.

Unknown to us, my wife also had a tumour in her uterus. One day Guruji called her and told her that she was not well. He instructed her to stay at home and rest. Guruji sent her for an operation and blessed her. It was a major surgery, but she was cured with Guruji's blessings.

Today, she is hale and hearty and leads a normal life. Her sinusitis problem has also been cured.

Around this time, we were facing financial problems. We were also about to make a bad financial decision, which would have resulted in a huge loss. Guruji summoned my wife and mentioned the exact amount we had in our bank and prevented us from making that investment.

Guruji knows each and everything, including everything we discuss at home. On several occasions, He has hinted at His omniscience. We continually get surprised, but know He is Shivji's avatar. He has helped us in our day to day problems and guided us throughout. Whether a problem is big or small, we know that Guruji is aware of it and will guide us through it.

Once my daughter Bhavana was sick. She had typhoid and the doctors were unable to treat her. She had been running a high temperature since one week, but with Guruji's blessings she was absolutely fine. Guruji advised her to have papaya and sugar cane juice, which the doctors never recommend. Later, with Guruji's blessings, she also got admission in the MDS course despite many obstacles.

We are blessed and truly lucky to have Guruji in our life.

GOD means Guruji On Duty.

B Bhatia,Guruji saves us from money worries

July 2007