A Chartered Accountant counts His blessings

B B Chaudhry, July 2007 हिंदी
I came into contact with Guruji in January 2000, when my 22-year-old son was pursuing a course in chartered accountancy and was with a big firm. He had been suffering from a severe backache for the last two years. He had been bedridden for 10 months and used to find it difficult to move about and sit. I must have consulted all the top orthopaedic doctors and even hakims in Delhi, Jalandhar, Indore, Palwal, and Sohna. I must have consulted most astrologers, who would assure me that his future was bright and there was no problem. Then during December 1999 my elder brother S.K.Chowdhury, a senior police officer, had Guruji's darshan at the house of Dr K.K. Paul, another senior police officer.

Soon, we visited Guruji at the Empire Estate temple in the first week of January 2000. For the first time after 10 months, my son Sharad sat on the floor, near Guruji's lotus feet, for two and a half hours without any support and without any pain. As we were getting up, Guruji asked us to come again the next day. We did so. He asked my son what problem he had. I told Guruji about his backache and He said that He had already blessed my son and asked us to bring a copper tumbler. Guruji blessed it. Within a month of drinking water from it, my son was cured. He became a chartered accountant and is now working with a multinational company. He has been sent to the US for one and a half years with Guruji's blessings.


My daughter had been admitted to an MBA course with Guruji's blessings. Her course was to start on 1 September 2002. However, on 1 August she fell sick and was diagnosed as having typhoid. My cousin sister's son, Dr. Girish Bajaj, treated her for this ailment. Every day at 8 o' clock Dr. Bajaj would come to our house on way to his hospital to check her up. But the fever showed no signs of abating.

Then on 27 August, Guruji asked me why my wife was not coming to the sangat. I told Him that my wife was attending to my daughter, who was unwell. Guruji asked me why I had not told Him this earlier and then picked up a garland of roses lying at His lotus feet. He gave it to me with instructions that I go and put this garland in a bucket of water. My daughter was to bathe with the same water.

Next morning my daughter bathed in the water blessed through Guruji's garland. After the bath, her temperature came down to 97.5 degrees - it had been 101 degrees the night before. At 8 am when my nephew came, he was astonished to see the drastic fall in the temperature. In just four to five days, my daughter became normal and started going for her MBA course. Dr. Bajaj was so influenced by what had happened that he told us to take him for Guruji's darshan and he became a devotee of Guruji.


Now my nephew was keen on going to the US for his MD. The American Embassy was rather hostile then about giving visas to Indian doctors and medical students. I requested Guruji to bless my nephew so that he could go to the US and fulfill his dream. Guruji snubbed me, saying that I kept asking for favours every day. I told Guruji that there were only three persons who could grant one's wishes: firstly, God whom nobody has seen; secondly, your parents, and my parents had passed away; thirdly, your Guru, who can fulfill your dreams with His blessings.

I added that He was the only one available to me. Guruji replied with "Kalyan ho gaya (You have been blessed)", and asked me to send my nephew to the U.S. Embassy for a visa, saying he will get it. To our surprise, when my nephew went to the Embassy he was not burdened with queries by the visa counsellor. While other doctors were interviewed for 45 to 50 minutes and even then denied a visa, my nephew got the visa without any hassles. Today, my nephew is happily married and settled in the US with Guruji's blessings.


A very senior income-tax officer, a friend, used to go to Guruji with me. Once on a Friday evening, Guruji told both of us to come again the next day. On that Saturday we had planned to attend a stag, drinks and dinner party. In the afternoon, I was cribbing that our party had been spoiled because we had to go and visit Guruji. On that Saturday, after 10 o' clock when the langar was over, Guruji told us to stay back along with a few more people. Half an hour later, Guruji told us to come with Him to the house of one of His devotees, a senior customs officer, to celebrate his promotion. When we reached the devotee's house, we were offered drinks. I and my friend were hesitant to take these in Guruji's presence. Guruji looked into my eyes and told me that I was cribbing in the day about Guruji spoiling my party. He added that the drinks were here and we should enjoy yourself and drink as much as we wanted. With tears in my eyes, I I fell on Guruji's lotus feet and could not utter a word. I could only say: "Guruji, aap antaryaami ho (You are omnipresent)."


My driver is of a religious bent of mind and once I wanted him to come inside the sangat hall and have Guruji's darshan. He was hesitant, not wishing to be in the company of well-to-do people inside. After the satsang, I went to the airport to see off somebody. At 2 am, when my car was coming out of the international airport main road, I saw Guruji with two-three devotees. I told my driver Suresh to stop the car and we both went to Him and touched His lotus feet. Guruji smiled at me and told me that since I had wanted Him to give darshan to my driver, He had come to the airport. I was left with no words to thank Him.


My younger brother's wife had some irregular growth on her throat and we were afraid that it could be cancer. We requested Guruji to bless and treat her. He told us not to worry and get her surgery done at AIIMS. One of my cousins, a surgeon, asked us to contact Dr. Suresh Sharma at AIIMS. Dr Sharma is a devotee of Guruji and a recipient of His blessings. When we went to Guruji that evening, to our surprise He told us that Dr Sharma will do her surgery and she will be ok after that. True to His words, my sister-in-law was operated on by Dr Sharma and she is in very good health now.

I firmly believe Guruji is a reincarnation of Lord Shiva. He knows everything about us and at the appropriate time He showers His blessings on us without our asking for them. Whosoever comes to His lotus feet is blessed immediately irrespective of his caste, creed or religion. Lord Shiva has specially sent Guruji on earth to bless humankind and save us from the torture and agonies of life.

Guruji gives a mantra for chanting all the time: Om Namah Shivay, Shivji Sada Sahay. I would like to add: Om Namah Shivay, Guruji Sada Sahay. Om shanti and Jai Gurudev.

B B Chaudhry, A Chartered Accountant counts His blessings

July 2007