Satsangs save lives

Ashwini and Rajendra Deo, June 2015 हिंदी

I have been a devotee of Guruji since June 2009, when we met a devotee who told us about Him. At that time we were living in Jeddah.

Then we shifted to the US in 2010. Two years later, our daughter began to suffer from a digestive disorder. Different tests and medications did little to improve her health. By 2013, we returned to India. We took her to doctors in Delhi and she improved for a while, but found herself unable to digest any food, throwing up whatever she ate or drank.

But the great blessing was that we could visit the Bade Mandir.

Around that time, something strange happened. Often when I would cook food, some cooked food items could not be found. We did not understand what was happening, but then decided that Guruji was indicating that some food items were not good for our daughter. I stopped using those ingredients in her meals. We also were able to attend a few satsangs. Gradually, my daughter's health improved.

Then one day she told us that Guruji had spoken to her. She had been throwing up when she heard a voice saying: "Tum theek ho jaogi" (You will be fine). After that day, she again showed improvement. Today, she is able to eat simple homemade food, though there are still several restrictions. We are happy that she can digest at least a handful of food items. Clearly, Guruji takes care of each and every need and we don't have to worry at all. We just have to surrender ourselves completely and He will guide us to make our lives healthy and happy!

A month of incredible blessings

After we shifted to India, we took up residence in Pune. Guruji saved my life there. I was going to attend a satsang on June 2015. I took an auto-rickshaw to go the venue, which was at most a quarter of an hour's away, but though I reached the vicinity of the location soon enough, we weren't able to find the venue. After spending almost one-and-a-half hour on the way, I began doing mantra jaap and also played a recording of it on my phone. Suddenly, the driver took a wrong turn and the rickshaw began travelling facing the traffic. I was petrified! Before I could say a word, a big truck had crashed on the rickshaw. I had no time to react, but continued with the mantra jaap. No one got hurt. The driver surveyed his rickshaw-it too was in good condition. I could not stop thanking Guruji for the safe escape.

A week later, there was another satsang-this time at Sopan Baug (Pune)-and Guruji again came to our rescue. I planned to attend without my daughter, so I spoke to my husband, who was in Jeddah for a business trip, asking him to be in touch with her while I attended the satsang. As I was about to leave, my daughter slipped in the bathroom and hurt her knee and back. For a brief moment, I thought I should cancel my plan of going to the satsang, but she said that she would be fine.

I was hesitant, but felt impelled to go to the satsang. I went along with two devotees who told me to leave all my cares with Guruji, who would take care of everything. We reached early and I got the seva of arranging the Jyot and arti thali. All the time, I worried for my daughter, so I spoke to her before the satsang started. As soon as the first shabad began playing, my problems vanished. I meditated deeply with the shabads. After the satsang, I again called up my daughter and she said she was just fine.

But why had I felt drawn to attend the satsang?

It was because of my husband. He has a job that makes for frequent travelling and then he was in Jeddah. For him, it was a busy first day of the week (that begins Sunday in the Middle East). He had just finished doing some business calls and left for his office around 11am local time. The roads were packed with traffic and taxis for the office area, a heavy traffic zone, were hard to come by. The 20-minute commute was bound to become an hour-long slog. Finally, my husband found a taxi that was ready to go.

He was on the busy expressway when the vehicle in front of him stopped suddenly, causing a truck to hit his car from behind. The force of the impact jammed the rear seats and the boot into one unit. The condition of the taxi was such that no one could have expected him to escape unharmed. But my husband and the driver were able to open the doors and come out without injury.

Traffic in all the three lanes stopped. My husband thought of going over to the service road to look for another taxi. (Taxis don't ply without passengers on the expressway.)

A cab driver came over and asked him: "Sab theek hai?" (Is everything okay?) My husband replied in the affirmative and then the driver asked, "Aieye, Sakura Plaza chalna hai na?" (Welcome, you want to go to Sakura Plaza, right?) My husband wondered how the cabbie knew his work location and asked him. He smiled and said, "Baithiye" (Please sit). My husband rationalized that the cabbie could be a taxi driver that he had used in the past few months. Within 10 minutes, he had reached the Plaza. He was about to leave the taxi when the driver said, "Toh, Tuesday India ja rahe ho!" (So, you are leaving for India on Tuesday!) My husband was shocked: He had not told anyone about his travel plans except his boss and the administrative team that makes travel arrangements.

The taxi driver left my husband thinking about his works. And then the taxi vanished. Yes, it vanished! There is a 100-metre road near my husband's office; it is without any corners and turns-and from this the taxi just disappeared from sight.

My husband says he was stumped and then his mind searched for explanations:
My husband reached the office absolutely boggled. Everyone saw that 'strange' look on his face, but put it down to the shock of the accident.

On that very day I attended the satsang in Pune thus, Guruji saved my husband's life. And to all accounts and purposes gave him a drop to his office. We can't thank Guruji enough for all the blessings and how He took care of all three of us. We are, because He is. We cannot think of a day or a minute without Guruji in our lives. We are very fortunate to be in Guruji's sharan. We are always happy: Even if there are problems, we know for sure that He is there to take care of us and protect us always.

Guruji has blessed our family many times. We have no words to thank Him, and can only say that life would not have been easy without Guruji's blessings.

Ashwini and Rajendra Deo, devotees

June 2015