Transported to Guruji's world

Ashwini Deo, October 2012
Om Namah Shivay,Shivji Sada Sahay;
Om Namah Shivay,Guruji Sada Sahay

I never met Guruji in His physical form nor did I ever visit Bade Mandir or any other mandir of Guruji. But my faith in Guruji is so strong that I cannot express it in words. I feel that He is always there with us.

I first came to know of Guruji in the year 2009. We were staying in the Middle East. Towards the end of April, on the 29th to be precise, I met a lady who was Guruji's devotee. We could not talk much that day. But a month later, when I was not keeping well, I received a phone call from her and she shared her experiences with Guruji. I felt compelled to know more about Him. Over the phone, I asked her if we could meet immediately and she agreed.

I felt there was a strong force pulling me to her house. She shared a few more satsangs, which left me awestruck. It was difficult to believe that God exists and that miracles do happen. I took Guruji's granth Light of Divinity from her and came back home.

As I opened the door and went inside, I felt a strong gush of wind-as if someone else had entered the house-and began getting strange vibrations. I immediately started reading the granth. It was an out-of-the-world experience. Suddenly the house was full of a strong rose-like fragrance, which according to my friend, confirmed Guruji's presence. The fragrance lasted for a couple of days. I finished reading the granth in two days, but continued reading the satsangs again and again.

Even though it is part of my routine to pray daily, I never felt that God exists. I had never believed, truly, that He is really there. After knowing about Guruji, in a couple of days, this realization of the existence of God delighted me beyond words.

Within a week, I had a dream. I saw that we were leaving our house. All our stuff was gone and I was checking the rooms to see if something was left behind, when I found a 'Shiv Puran', and began turning the pages. That's all I remembered the next morning. I shared this dream with my friend. She had a copy of the 'Shiv Puran' and gave it to me. This dream was a precursor to others.

I began getting dreams every month and that too between the 18th and 22nd of every month. In one, I saw a huge satsang hall, full of the sangat. In the next, I saw Guruji's face and the sangat in lakhs inside a mandir. I was so happy and excited that I would wait for more and more dreams.

My husband also started reading the granth and listened carefully to all the dreams I told him.

We were supposed to get transferred to Europe within the next few months, but God had planned something else. In September, I had a dream that we were going to the US. In the morning, I related this to my husband.I could not believe what he told me. He too had a dream, somewhat different: An unknown person speaking Punjabi told him that he was getting transferred to the US. We were amazed to find out that both of us had similar dreams on the same night.

At the same time we were confused. Company officials were planning to send my husband to Europe. Obviously, my husband could not talk about his dream in the office, and we just kept quiet. My friend was in India at that time, so we could not share these dreams with her, too.

Within a couple of days, the dream came true: The company decided to transfer my husband to the US. Within a few months we got the visa and landed in the US in June 2010. Since we have been in this country, Guruji has given us all that we need and more. I have been fortunate to have His dream darshan many times.

My husband has also had his share of experiences. Once he was in a restaurant parking lot. There was no one around and all the cars were locked. He was about to get into his car when he heard someone speaking in Punjabi. He looked around and checked to see if the parking area was inhabited, but no one was there. He sat in the car and again heard a few words in pure Punjabi. Guruji had spoken to him, he realised, and drove out. Then, to confirm His presence, Guruji did the unbelievable. As my husband reached the gate of our locked residential compound-which could be opened only by the remote in the car-and before he could pick up the remote . . . the gate opened. And after he went inside, the gate closed immediately (otherwise it takes a couple more minutes to close).

The next month on the same date, Guruji appeared before him in a restaurant. My husband was having dinner with two visitors. They were talking about another colleague who had met with a serious accident and was in an ICU. The doctors gave no hope of his survival. Suddenly, Guruji appeared before him (wearing a shirt and a pant) and told my husband not to worry, his colleague would be fine in a week. And then He disappeared. True to His words, the colleague was absolutely fine in a week and joined office.

The next month, on the same date, Guruji again gave darshan to my husband and yet again near the car park. He spoke to my husband about his office work.

It has been more than three years that we have been in Guruji's sharan. I have seen Him in my dreams, but never had darshan while awake. In these years, there has not been a single day that we have not remembered Him. My day starts and ends with His simran. I can feel His presence in my home. I do not know if what I feel is really true, but I hope so. I pray that He should always be there with us and that I should never ever forget Him or do any work without remembering Him.

Those devotees who have met Guruji or who regularly visit Bade Mandir and partake of langar prasad are very lucky. What to say of those who have had prasad from Guruji's Divine hand. I sometimes feel that in this respect we are unfortunate. But the next moment I realize that there are millions of people who have not even heard about Him and millions who do not know that God really exists. Thus, we are really fortunate that we know about Guruji and have realized that God does exist and that we have received His blessings.

Yes, God is Guruji and Guruji is God. I do not know how to thank Him for everything. I just remember Him all the time and have complete faith in Him. Jai Guruji!

Ashwini Deo, a devotee

October 2012