An old man is saved on his deathbed

Ashok Grover, July 2007 हिंदी
A family had been followers of the Radha Swamis for the past 45 years. Just one person from this family, Mr Ashok Grover, was a devotee of Guruji. One day, he received a phone call from his uncle that his father was on his deathbed. He rushed home immediately.

The father was hiccupping badly; the doctors declared that nothing could be done. Ashok, who was all the while remembering Guruji, rushed his father to Apollo Hospital, Delhi. The father was admitted in the ICU. His blood sugar level was found to have touched 700; his intestines had stopped functioning, and his hiccups were dying down, as was he. Doctors declared that there was no hope; the father should be taken back.

Just then Ashok got a message from Guruji that he is not required in the hospital as his father is all right and there is nothing to worry about. Further, Ashok was required to leave immediately for an urgent work. Ashok followed Guruji's order. He left his father in the hospital without an attendant, because he had faith in what Guruji had told him.

He was occupied for two days and could not even call up the hospital to inquire about his father. When he returned to the hospital, he found his father crying. He thought his father must have gone into a depression because he had left him alone. But his father only asked him whether he had gone to Guruji. The son was surprised since his father did not believe in Guruji.

His father then narrated how the moment his son had left him he had felt Guruji's presence through His fragrance. Guruji said: "Hore wai Radhasowamia, ki hal ne tere...(How are you, Radha Swami follower?)" Guruji told me, said the father that though he had prayed to his Babaji (head of the religious group of Radha Swamis) to help him, Guruji had come to his rescue.

Guruji then asked him to get the tests done again. Following the instructions, he requested the doctors to carry out their investigations once again. The investigations went on for two days. All this time, Ashok's father felt the presence of Guruji with him. When the reports came, the doctors were not able to detect any disease. They were not ready to believe their own investigations. They recommended an insulin dose, but he refused. He said he did not believe in their remedies and would henceforth entrust himself only to the biggest doctor, i.e., Guruji.

After one week, Ashok's father came to Guruji. The Satguru said the same words, "Hore wai Radhasowamia, ki hal ne tere..." Then Guruji told him that he had been granted a new life.

After seeing how Guruji saved the family patriarch's life, all the family members started coming to Guruji and now believe that they are in the safe hands of God Himself.

Saving the devotee's business

Guruji once commanded Ashok to close his business, sell the factory and do away with the machines. Ashok knew that this was His command and had to be obeyed.

It took him around 15 days to sell off everything. The old machines were sold at the buying price and the entire sale broke even. No one was able to foresee why Guruji had told His devotee to sell off the business. Three weeks down the line, the business was declared out-dated, and lots of people incurred heavy losses.

But Ashok was saved....saved by God Himself.

Obeying Guruji always pays, because He will only ask us to do something, which is best for us.

Heeding a 10-year-old's wishes

The 10-year-old daughter of Ashok, who was involved in preparations at Bade Mandir for Guruji's birthday in 2005, desired intensely to have Guruji's darshan.

Ashok requested a long-time devotee to bring his daughter to the temple. She came to Bade Mandir, but was insistent that she go to Guruji at Empire Estate as well. However, no one took her to Guruji.

The girl kept crying the whole night and prayed to Guruji for His darshan. The next day, to everyone's surprise, Guruji came to Bade Mandir. When Ashok told Guruji that his daughter was remembering Guruji last night, Guruji merely smiled and told him that He had come just to see her since she remembered Him.

As a result of Guruji's blessings, the girl stood first in her exams and has remained a brilliant student ever since.

Ashok Grover, devotee

July 2007