Guruji brings smile back on son's face

Ashish Bhalla, January 2012
I came to know of Guruji after September 2011, at a time my only son's US visa application was stuck. My son had graduated from a top engineering college in 2011; an American IT firm had given him a job offer as early as January. He was looking forward to starting on the job even as his H1B visa was being processed.

Fifteen days before his departure, US immigration authorities asked for more evidence. We could see our son's smile vanish and feel his pain and anguish. It was very demoralizing.

Just then some friends told us about Guruji's ashram and Bade Mandir. We reached there on a Thursday at 4 in the evening. We were told that the sangat hall would open at 6 pm-the usual time-and decided to wait. In time, a lady called us and asked us to join them for langar. We were surprised since it was still early evening, but had langar prasad. Later, when the sangat hall opened, we had darshan and returned to our home. We felt a certain sense of calm after leaving Bade Mandir. My wife told her devotee friends how we had had an early langar. They pointed out that we had been very lucky to get langar at that time. (Langar is served after 9 pm.)

The very next day, things began looking up. My son's future employers and lawyers put everything behind getting his visa approved. Few undertakings, such as seeking a letter from industry experts, went so smoothly that our hopes rose. And we continued to visit Bade Mandir every Monday or, at times, even twice a week. We even managed to take our son once and plan to take him again. We always had prasad at the Mandir.

A few days after we had been going to Bade Mandir, the visa came through: My son's journey to the US was cleared of all obstacles. We can now look forward to his career. I genuinely feel Guruji held our hands during this period and guided us all the way so that we could see the smile of achievement on our son's face again.

My wife joins me in sincerely thanking Guruji for all the love and support. He now has devotees for life.

Ashish Bhalla, a devotee

January 2012