In the road of life, Guruji is with His sangat

Mrs. Asha Dua, March 2010
Before coming to Guruji's sharan, I was not keeping good health. I had floating blood clots in my brain, which often led to uncontrollable bouts of dizziness and vomiting. I'd invariably get admitted to hospital. As I was undergoing treatment and taking many medicines (as much as 15 to 20 tablets a day), my body had swollen and I was in unbearable pain. If I missed a single dose, my condition would worsen.

Then we came to know about Guruji. We started coming for Guruji's darshan. The darshan itself was very soothing, calming the mind. It was a unique experience to be in the presence of revered Guruji Maharaj. We used to forget the outside world. There is no happiness greater than being at Guruji's lotus feet.

The devotee who had brought us to Guruji, one day asked me, "How many medicines do you take, aunty?" It was then that I realized I was not taking a single medicine and yet was absolutely fine!

Guruji is really great. He not only cured me but also did not let me realize that I was being cured. It is only God who can do this, and none other. Guruji is not human, is not limited to some special powers. He is God on earth. He gives us unlimited blessings, and never once does He make us realize how much He has done for us. I truly believe that I owe my life to Guruji, and I don't have words to thank Him. His praises are endless, but words fall short. All I can say from the core of my heart is: "Thank you, Guruji!"

Miraculous crossings to and fro from Empire Estate

Once, when we were going home from Empire Estate, it started raining on the way. Those who frequent the route would know that to go to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), one needs to take a right turn at the congested Qutab Minar traffic signal and there was an extremely low height roundabout at the crossing. That day, when the signal turned green, I was about to drive over the roundabout. My husband shouted out angrily to warn me. Although it would not have mattered even if I had driven the car over the roundabout, since it was of very low height, I kept quiet and drove by.

The next time, while we were returning from Empire Estate, I was watchful of the roundabout. But, to my surprise, the roundabout had been removed. I told my husband that Guruji had done away with the provocation that had led him to shout at me.

Guruji is always there for the sangat, with every devotee, no matter where one may be. Be it at home, inside the mandir or in the car, Guruji is always there to protect and take care of His sangat. Guruji makes sure that no harm comes to the sangat in any form.

Yet another day, we were returning from Empire Estate, via AIIMS and South Extension, to our home at Lajpat Nagar. Construction was underway for building an underpass at the Moolchand crossing. So, there were severe traffic jams at the crossing. My husband suggested that we take another route the next time, and I affirmed.

On our next trip, I again came via the Moolchand crossing. As expected, there was a heavy jam and it took us close to 20-25 minutes to cross a short stretch. My husband was upset with me. I apologized and asked him to remind me the next time.

As luck would have it, the next time I came via the same route again. Somehow, I had got so used to driving on that route that I instinctively took it. I was expecting a heavy jam ahead and fearing that my husband would again get angry. It was not possible to take any alternative route. But, to my surprise, the underpass had been opened for traffic and there was absolutely no traffic jam.

It was Guruji's miracle that things happened this way. On the one hand, a difficult situation between my husband and I had been avoided, and on the other, we had a smooth and comfortable ride. My joy knew no bounds. All thanks to Guruji!

My shoulder is healed

There was a time when I could not raise my left shoulder to even wash my face. An operation was the only possible solution, and that too would only allow me to use my arm not correct the drooping of the shoulder. We accepted what fate had in store and went ahead with the operation.

Two years later, on a Sunday, I went to meet my mother. She enquired about my shoulder. I replied nonchalantly that when a body part becomes nonfunctional, it cannot be cured; so any improvement had to be ruled out.

The following Wednesday, I fell asleep in my drawing room. When I woke up for a while, I decided to go to the bedroom. Although it was dark, I did not switch on the lights and put my left hand on the bed for support before sitting down. Immediately, I lost my balance and fell down. I got up, and though I felt some pain, I just went off to sleep. In the morning I saw I had a slight injury. In the evening I noticed that the left shoulder, which was drooping earlier, was in its normal position. I was surprised.

It did not take me long to realize that, Guruji had done with a slight jerk last night what the doctors had been unable to. My shoulder is now perfectly fine. Thank you, Guruji, for everything.

Safe passage to a marriage venue

On September 2, 2006, we were to attend a marriage function at Nahar Singh Stadium in Faridabad. It was raining a lot and there was knee-deep water on the roads. Our initial plan was to reach my relatives' place in Faridabad and then proceed together to the venue. However, when I called my relatives to confirm the plan, they asked me not to come to their house and instead reach the marriage venue directly, as there was lots of water logging in front of their house. We thus drove directly to the stadium.

I was not too sure about the route, so we were asking bystanders for directions. For a particular point, we were required to go under a fly-over and take a turn, but bystanders there advised us to take an alternative route to avoid the water logging below the fly-over.

We now had to enter a narrow lane, which again was full of water. I was a little apprehensive to start with, but then a person told us that the situation was not that bad ahead: only a small stretch of the road was under some water. We went ahead and soon our Maruti 800 was half-submerged. I was focusing on keeping the car rolling, but when another vehicle came from the opposite direction and we had to give way, the car's ignition turned off. I realized that my 20-year-old car might not be able to take us through. It wouldn't restart now. Just then my husband said that we should have faith in Guruji and start the car. I took Guruji's name and, to our absolute surprise, the car started without any hassles. We crossed close to two to three kms in similar conditions and reached the destination with Guruji's grace!

It became evident that Guruji had helped us all along the way, as we were the first visitors to reach the venue. Further, even the families of the bride and groom had to reach the venue in a truck, as the cars were not able to ford through the roads anyway.

Since my son and family were also on the way, we requested Guruji to take care of them as well and they too reached without any hassles. Our vehicles were the only two cars to reach that stadium that night. That our journey had been made safe and possible due to Guruji's grace was established beyond doubt. Jai Guruji!

Guruji switches the gears of our destiny

On a particular day, I wanted to visit Bade Mandir. I found that my car's gear lock was stuck. I tried with the duplicate key, but without success. I dearly wanted to go to the Bade Mandir but could not think of an alternative. Just then, my son came and hearing of my plight, asked me to take his car to the Mandir.

We took his car and left for Bade Mandir. Near Tivoli gardens, a Tata Sumo almost hit us, missing by a very narrow margin. My husband commented, "This chap [the driver of the Sumo] will kill someone." And, indeed, just then the car hit a cycle-hawker, who fell down as his cycle-rickshaw toppled. The Sumo did not stop even at that.

It was then that we realized why the gear lock of our Swift had become stuck and why we had to come in our son's Ikon. In fact, I even called up Maruti service and argued that the gear lock was not worth the trouble it caused. The Maruti service personnel informed me that it was rare for a gear lock to get stuck and they could not understand the malfunction. But we could understand: Guruji had subtly caused us to change cars to save us from a major accident and from possible loss of life.

Guruji manifests situations and incidents to ensure that his followers are never touched by trouble. Guruji is God, is omnipresent and nothing is hidden from Him. It is just amazing how He saves ordinary people like us at every step.

In a dream, Guruji's darshans cure me

It was July 9, 2008, we had had dinner and were relaxing. At around 9 o' clock, a terrible pain stretched from the right side of my neck to my head. The pain was so intolerable that I felt my head would burst. I started to sweat and was nauseated. I took Stugerin, one from the staple of medicines that I used to take for headache and vomit control before I came to Guruji. But I still vomited. I took some more tablets, but there was no relief from the pain. I switched on the air-conditioner, but later had to switch off even the fan, as I was feeling very cold.

My son, a doctor, came in just then and administered some medicines but there was no improvement. I asked what could be done next, as the pain was unbearable, but he could not suggest anything else.

Writhing in pain, I was asking my son repeatedly if anything could be done to ease the pain, but his answer was negative. Then I just remembered Guruji once, and said "Jai Guruji" and lied down. In just a few seconds, I was able to doze off. Then Guruji came to me and woke me up by touching my head in the affected area. Guruji then handed over a medicine to me and said, "Ai lai aunty davai, theek ho jayengi... pehlaan bhi do waar ditti si (Take this pill, you will be cured. I have given this pill twice on earlier occasions)." Although I have no idea when Guruji had given me those pills, they worked wonders. I again went off to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, I was absolutely fine, with no trace of pain.

Guruji had cured me by giving me medicine in my 'dream'. This is something that only God can do and no one else.

I had a similar darshan on August 8, 2008. In my dream, Guruji put His hand on the right side of my head and said: "Kharab hai (It is not fine)." I just kept looking at Guruji, and He again touched the head and said, "Kharab hai, theek kar deyaange (There is some problem; I will cure it)." When I woke up in the morning I told my husband about Guruji's darshan. I must mention here that Guruji had placed His hand in my dream at a spot where it had a huge lump. In the morning, we were surprised to find that it had reduced considerably after Guruji's miraculous touch. In fact, it is so small now that it can be seen only upon close observation.

Many doctors had checked the lump, but nobody took it seriously and the only solution proposed was an operation. Not only was the lump painful, but I also could not sleep on my right side because of it. But, Guruji, without my asking for it, cured me of my ailment. It is true that you don't have to say anything to or ask anything from God, and yet, He gives you everything that you need and He knows what is best for you. Once again, thank you very much Guruji!

Amazing divine guidance

Guruji is our guide in life and takes us from darkness to light. In a literal sense as well, Guruji comes and guides us when we are in need of such guidance.

Here is a satsang that illustrates His divine guidance. Once, Guruji's satsang was slated to be held in Farukh Nagar, which is further ahead of Gurgaon. We had no plans of going to the satsang, as it was too far away. But on the day of the satsang, one of our neighbours asked us if we would like to join them for the satsang. We readily agreed and shortly thereafter we were on a roll. Mid-way, however, we realized that none of us were carrying the invitation card which had the address of the venue.

We still proceeded towards Farukh Nagar. Close to Farukh Nagar, on a crossing, we slowed down and were planning to take a left turn and ask around for directions. Just then, a car on which 'Guruji' was written as a label crossed us and turned right. We decided to follow the car. All five occupants of the car saw 'Guruji' written on the rear windshield of the car we were following. We followed the car for the next two to three kms and, as we got closer to the car, we realized that the inscription on the car did not read 'Guruji' but actually said 'Panditji'. But by then that car had guided us to the vicinity of the satsang location! It was so amazing!

Lost and found

Once in Bade Mandir I realized that my ear ring's lock was missing. I was in the basement of the Mandir and started looking for it. There were a few more sewadars around and they joined me in the search. Finding such a small ornament is rather difficult, so I requested them to carry on with their sewa and came out. As I was moving from the langar basement to the kitchen, I kept searching. As I reached the kitchen, a lady devotee sitting there enquired what I was searching for. I told her about the missing lock, and she too said that finding such a small piece in the Mandir was next to impossible.

As I turned and came out of the kitchen, she pointed to something shiny. When I approached, it was my ear-ring lock. Truly, in the Mandir's vast area it is impossible to find something as small, but Guruji's grace can turn the impossible into the possible.

A similar event happened in my office. I realized one day there that my nose-pin was missing. I searched for it around my seat but it was nowhere to be found. I asked one of the peons, but he told me that I had not been wearing a nose-pin since the day before. It had been missing for the last two days; it would now be impossible to spot where the pin had dropped out. I stopped searching.

At home the next day, my maid servant did not come, so I had to do the cleaning on my own. As I started, I suddenly stumbled upon my nose-pin-after two days. The ring-lock was still missing, but that was hardly any concern. I was concerned about the nose-pin, as its loss is considered a bad omen. (The nose-pin, like the sindoor, signifies marital continuity.)

Then, when I was going to take my bath, my attention went to something shiny stuck in the foot mat of the washroom. It was the lock of the nose-pin.

These things can be shrugged off as coincidences by many, but I know these are not coincidences. These are incidents of Guruji's mehr and grace!

Guruji has given us so much that it is impossible to put it all in words. To sum it up, I would say that today I live entirely due to Guruji's blessings. We enjoy His innumerable blessings and love, but we can't even give back anything to the Lord. Thanks a lot is the only thing we can say at Guruji's lotus feet! Guruji takes care of not just big troubles but even of things as small as a nose-pin.

Mrs. Asha Dua, a devotee

March 2010