In Him lives the jyoti of Lord Shiva

Justice A.S.Gill, July 2007 हिंदी
I came in contact with His Holiness Guruji in 1986. Guruji is not an ordinary saint. He has in Him the jyoti of Lord Shiva. Like Lord Shiva, Guruji is an epitome of love and compassion for human beings. Any person who comes to Guruji's durbar with faith gets cured through His blessings.

His Holiness Guruji conveys to His disciples the message of God Almighty. He preaches that God is one, and all human beings irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and religion are equal and are from the family of God. He preaches love for humanity and exhorts His disciples to help the needy. He has divine powers and He is omniscient. He knows the past, the present and the future. He can predict coming events and has spiritual healing powers. He has performed God-like miracles to heal patients who have been declared incurable by the best doctors.

Blessings all around

I have been the recipient of Guruji's blessings to my advantage on innumerous occasions.

In 1987, my wife developed some internal growth. Doctors advised her to undergo an immediate operation to avoid the malignancy from spreading further. We came to Guruji to seek His blessings for the success of the operation and told Him of what the doctors had said. Guruji gave her amrit (nectar) with His blessings and said there was no need for an operation. Having full faith in Guruji's blessing, we did not opt for the operation. After two years, my wife felt a pain in the abdomen. A check-up at the PGI in Chandigarh found no trace of any growth; she only had colic pain.


In February 1992, my mother fell very sick and went into a coma. She was 95 years of age and there was no hope of her surviving. It was 28th of February and unable to look on at the agony of my mother, I prayed mentally to Guruji, who was in Jalandhar, to come and give relief to her. It was 6.30 pm. A moment after my prayer, Guruji came in our room through the front door, which was closed from inside. We were exceedingly surprised to see Him. Guruji asked my wife to bring a glass of water. Guruji blessed the water and asked us to serve two spoons of the blessed water to my mother. He assured us that my mother would last till 2 am that night. Guruji then left us, cautioning us not to come out of the room for 10 minutes.

We came out after that interval and inquired from the police guard at the gate about Guruji's arrival. The guard had no clue; he informed us that nobody had entered the room, leave alone Guruji. I immediately made a telephone call to Guruji's at Jalandhar and was surprised to know that Guruji was present in the sangat at the time He had visited us. After that we served the blessed water to my mother and she expired at 2 am - exactly as Guruji had foretold. Guruji was therefore present at two places - the sangat and our house simultaneously!


My daughter is also a devotee of Guruji. In 1998, Guruji was staying in Sector 33, Chandigarh. Whenever she prayed to Guruji, my daughter always asked for the darshan of Lord Shiva. One morning when my daughter got up, she was surprised to notice that every photograph of Guruji in her room had changed to that of Shivji Maharaj. She entered the drawing room and noticed that Lord Shiva was sitting on the carpet, close to the photograph of Guruji.

But, at the time, she did not reveal to us that she had had the darshans.

In the evening, we came to Guruji's. On coming close to Guruji, my daughter noticed a dazzling light around His face and could not bear the reflection of the holy light. She cried uncontrollably and was spellbound. She experienced the presence of Shivji Maharaj within Guruji. She remained under this blissful state for a week thereafter. We inquired from Guruji about her condition. Guruji told us that since my daughter had wanted to see Shivji Maharaj in all her prayers, He had fulfilled her desire.


On 29 April 1998, I fell down in my bathroom and was severely injured with three broken ribs. I was admitted to the hospital. On 15 May, I was referred to the PGI, Lucknow, where the doctors took ECHO and ECG tests and observed partial damage to my heart, which showed a shadow over it. The ECG confirmed their diagnosis. On 29 May, I got myself examined again from Dr. Mahesh Chandra, Professor and Head of the Cardiology Department of King George's Medical College, Lucknow. He also took the ECHO and ECG tests of my heart and confirmed the findings. On 2 June, I came to Guruji at Delhi and sought His blessings for my health. I told Him of what the doctors had found. Guruji was sitting with the sangat. He asked for a glass of water, which He blessed. He then asked me to unbutton my shirt and sprinkled water from the glass two-three times. He then pronounced me fully cured and advised me to get myself re-examined.

A day later, I got myself examined from Dr Karlopia, Head of Cardiology at the Army Referral and Research Hospital in New Delhi. He also took the ECHO and ECG tests and gave me a clean bill of health, saying my heart was perfectly normal and there was no shadow around it. He was surprised when he compared the recent test reports with my previous ECHO and ECG reports. He said only a miracle could have happened between 29 May and 3 June, otherwise my heart condition could not have changed so drastically. When I returned to Lucknow, I showed my ECG and ECHO graphs to the doctors there. They were equally surprised and said this change was not medically possible. I have been hale and hearty ever since. Such is the divine power of Guruji.


My brother-in-law and I jointly owned a commercial plot in Sector 35, Chandigarh. In 1998, I invited Guruji to lay the foundation stone of the shop-cum-flat. When Guruji came to the plot site, He was reluctant to lay the foundation stone, but on my insistence He did so. Guruji then produced one gold sovereign from the air and gave it to me. He told me that I would profit but would have a strained relationship with my brother-in-law. Soon after the construction of the building began, it had to be stopped midway. It was resumed after one year. When the building was completed, there was a dispute between me and my brother-in-law and as a result we stopped talking. The building could fetch me Rs 50,000 as rent for my share, but we could not rent it out because of our difficult relationship. What Guruji had told us at that time came true after four years. Later, I could sell my share in the building only with difficulty but I did make a profit.


In 1989, I was posted as the Patiala district judge. Guruji came to stay with us from Jalandhar. For His return journey, I sent my driver with my private car. Though the petrol tank was full, I also gave Rs 300 to the driver for buying petrol in case it was required. Guruji kept the car for a few days.

The driver came back eager to share the details of a miracle he had witnessed. He told us that he had spent the extra money on petrol. But one day when there was no petrol left in the car, Guruji had asked him to drive the car. He told Guruji that there was no petrol in the car and he had no money. Guruji still asked him to start the car. He obeyed and to his amazement the car started and the petrol indicator showed that the tank was full. He could not believe that the car was running without petrol. Thereafter during all the five days he stayed with Guruji, the car ran without petrol but only when Guruji used to sit in the car and asked him to start it. On the last day, Guruji produced three hundred-rupee notes and gave them to him, saying this was the amount of money which I had given him for buying petrol! The driver, Karam Singh, till date works in the office of the Patiala District Judge.


In 1987, I was posted at Ropar. One day I saw a photograph of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi in the newspaper. She was wearing a rudraksh mala around her neck. I wondered if Guruji could give one rudraksh to me as prasad.

After about two months, I went to meet Guruji at Jalandhar. He was sitting with the sangat. He asked me if I wanted any thing from Him. I said no and that I was just happy with His blessings. He asked me to extend my hand. I did so, and Guruji placed a rudraksh on my palm. He asked me if this was what I had wanted from Him. Guruji gave me the kind of prasad I had thought of two months earlier. I have had the rudraksh with me ever since. Guruji can fulfill the desires of His devotees even if they do not ask Him for anything.


My son was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in 1999. He was alone and was brought back to home by guards posted outside the Chandigarh house. I was at that time in Lucknow. He did not go to the hospital. All he did was to keep Guruji's photograph by his bedside and have milk with turmeric powder and ghee (clarified butter).

In the morning after the accident, when he woke up, he realized his injuries were serious: Lots of blood had oozed out of his ear; his neck and head were swollen so much that he was unrecognizable. The accident had taken place at around 11 pm and he was taken to the hospital next day at around noon. The doctors in the hospital were amazed he had survived without any medical aid. He was immediately taken to the emergency ward. He was found to have suffered a haemorrhage and a hairline fracture of the skull. Luckily, the blood from the internal injury had oozed out through the ear during the night.

The doctors were insisting on an operation, but he asked them to wait for his parents to come. We came from Lucknow late the next day. But, on the way, we contacted Guruji and told Him about the accident. Guruji assured us of His blessings. My son, in the meantime, was kept under observation. Thanks to Guruji's blessings, the doctor did not feel any necessity for an operation but due to the head injury, my son's face was paralysed. Guruji sent us a copper tumbler that He had blessed. The moment we gave water from that tumbler to my son, his condition started improving. To the doctors' amazement, his paralysis vanished within two days. My son was discharged and was fully cured within a few days. Subsequent X-rays of his skull and an MRI showed no sign of any fracture or haemorrhage. My son has been perfectly fit and fine ever since. Such is the God-like healing power which our Guruji possess. Guruji Maharaj has also blessed my son with the divine darshan of the Almighty Lord Shiva.

There are many such miracles which Guruji has performed and continues to do so daily to help out the needy and the suffering. He has cured many persons of serious mental and physical ailments and has also fulfilled their desires. He loves the high and low equally. His compassion knows no bounds. He who has faith in Him can purify his life. If we have faith in Him, He takes on all our worries. Guruji does not have any worldly needs. He shuns all offerings. He needs nothing. He has graced the earth to lesson our miseries. Have faith in Guruji and get His blessings.

Justice A.S.Gill, former High Court judge

July 2007