Towards a prosperous, healthier and happier future with Guruji

Aseem Aggarwal, February 2016
My elder sister had her back against the wall. She was going through a marital crisis and had lost her job as well. A well-meaning family friend took us to Guruji's Mandir in Dugri. We had not known of Guruji till then and thought of Him as any other pundit or baba. We did not realize that Guruji could yet bless His devotees though He had left His mortal frame. The pure langar prasad we had at the Mandir quickly dented our doubts. Back at home after the Mandir visit, we felt relaxed and refreshed, as if our souls had been bathed anew.

To our surprise, my sister got three consecutive letters of employment from three different banks a week after our very first visit to the Dugri Mandir. She was being denied job opportunities on the ground that she had an employment gap. Our devotion to Guruji increased manifold. We decided to follow up on our maiden visit (in July 2013) with trips to Dugri on the first Sunday of every month. Guruji also gave my sister internal strength to face up to the troubles in her married life. In fact, my sister now works as a senior office in a reputed bank.

A similar blessing came to me.

I had taken an internal transfer to the global delivery center of my company in May 2015 from an India business role. Yet, I was ill-treated and not enough weightage was given to my seven years of experience. My seniors would scold me and urge me to return to my India role, discouraging me with the observation that I did not have sufficient knowledge of my field.

I appeared for many interviews but was rejected. I pleaded with interviewers to consider me for an L1 profile—the lowest level—and I requested my friends to find a job for me in their companies, with no result. I got very depressed and used to question Guruji. But we know Guruji is great. He always says: "Mango nahin, maano." I was not following that dictum, and, to be very frank, though I had faith in Guruji, it was not blind.

But I decided to surrender and left it all on Guruji in January of 2016. As soon as I had done so, we could undertake a journey to Bade Mandir on 10th Jan. I enjoyed a satsang for the first time during a very troublesome two and a half years. I found great devotion within myself when I did not demand anything from Guruji.

Soon I was absorbed in a project; the opportunity and the work both came as a relief to me. But I still wanted to leave my company as I wanted to prove my mettle to all those who doubted my capabilities. I had just given the first interview for an Indian multinational firm. A day after the Bade Mandir visit, I got a call for a second HR round. The interview went so well that I was offered a 45% salary hike in addition to a promotion from my earlier rank. I had on hand an offer to be the technical lead for the network services of the firm.

Such a miracle! Here, in my present firm, I was being rejected for L1 profiles, whereas externally I got selected as an L3 engineer.

The vital part about the job interview was that the complete profile was unknown to me before my final selection. Somehow, Guruji had hid it from me, as He knew I would not have enough confidence to go through the interview. My current firm which treated me shabbily and wanted my resignation, now wanted to retain me. Whatever happened within that fortnight of January has now made me believe blindly in Guruji!

And there was more to come.

I had shared the news of my new job with my friend who works with a global internet service provider at its delivery center based out of Gurgaon. A very good profile was open in his company, and he referred me for it. I was selected—again—and got a 60% hike with a cab to carry me to the office. Again, Guruji's blessings were evident throughout the interview. The interviewers seemed to have come with a mindset to hire me. No core technical questions were asked and a portion of the interview even took place in Hindi, which is improbable for any global firm. The best part was I that will be working in DLF Cyber City, where a lighted signboard proclaiming "Jai Guruji" is often displayed atop a tall building.

Soon, with bettered financial circumstances through Guruji's blessings, we were able to buy a ready-to-move flat in NCR, where I had dreamed of buying one. The quest for a flat and its registry took place within 30 days—another blessing in itself.

I am not yet 30 years old, but faith in Guruji has paid me rich dividends. I used to have many health issues. All of these have reduced greatly since I came under His refuge. Also, my fear of situations has abated, because Guruji is always with me.

That is borne out by yet another incident. My family and I were travelling by car from Ludhiana to Delhi and had neared Shahabad Markanda (Kurukshetra district). Suddenly, dust began coming through the AC blower. Before we could understand anything, there was a huge bang and I lost control of my vehicle. The right front tyre of the car had burst and the car was careening towards the highway divider—but Guruji stopped it. Had Guruji not been there, the car would either have overturned or been hit from the rear by speeding vehicles.

It would have been a fatal accident—and we were travelling with my two-year-old infant. With Guruji's blessings though, none of us got a scratch.

Guruji had saved all our lives.

Guruji's grace is on the entire family. My mother had a painful knee condition, with the doctors recommending a complete knee replacement. We were all scared, as there were chances that the surgery would not succeed and put her on bed permanently. As it turned out, mother underwent surgery from one of India's best surgeons. The recovery time is three months, but she was completely okay within a month of the surgery.

Guruji, kindly keep showering your grace upon us and bless us with your ashirwaad.

We all love you, Guruji. Jai Guruji!

Aseem Aggarwal, a devotee from Punjab

February 2016