The saving power of satsang

Arun Sehgal, July 2007 हिंदी
The word satsang, literally, means true or good company. In short, it is beneficial listening. In Guruji's durbar, everyone is a satsang carrier empowered by His will to deliver messages to those afflicted by grief. It is not surprising that those who often listen to these satsangs find that they are being told about problems that they suffer from.

Mr Arun Sehgal, who had never had Guruji's darshan, got admitted to a hospital and came to know that there was a blood clot in his brain. A devotee who knew Sehgal went to see him in the hospital and started talking about Guruji.

After the satsang, doctors found that the clot had moved to a dead portion of his brain. The devotee told Sehgal that he had been blessed and that there was no need to worry. The patient, however, was dismissive. He felt that the clot's movement to a benign area of his brain was a random occurrence, not a manifestation of Guruji's divine will.

The very next day a worried doctor came in and told Sehgal that there had been a serious development. The whole vein, which led to the brain, was potholed with clots and an angiography was required. The procedure, the doctor explained, was itself critical and further treatment would be even more so.

The patient and his attendants got worried. They remembered Guruji and prayed for His grace. After discharge from the hospital, they started coming to Guruji.

After three-four visits, Sehgal was called by Guruji and asked to have langar. And then Guruji said that he was okay.

When Sehgal went back to the hospital, Guruji's words were proven true. Sehgal went through the tests again and found that he really had been cured.

Arun Sehgal, devotee

July 2007