For a child, India wins

Arpit Gaba, April 2012
I was watching the 2007 T 20 cricket finals between India and Pakistan. Pakistan needed six runs to win from four balls; their last man was batting. I wished before Guruji that India win and He made my wish come true. I felt very happy. I switched off the TV and went to my room. My room's lights had been switched off and as I entered the room, I heard Guruji say, "Aaj tu vi khush, te main vi khush. Le match jita dita na. (Today, you are happy and I too am happy. See I made the team win the match)."

I took fright on hearing Guruji's voice, as I was all alone at home. My parents and sister had gone to my uncle's place. I called up my parents immediately and told them about the incident. They said they would be back soon. I stood in the corridor of the apartments-and I could see Shivji sitting beneath a tree. When my parents and sister returned, I told them that I could see Shivji sitting beneath the tree. I took my father's mobile and went down to the tree with my mom to click photographs. We could not capture His snap, even though I could see Him clearly with my eyes.

A lesson on behaviour

During the summer vacations, my cousin sister visited us for a couple of days. My sister, cousin, mother and I were sitting together, when my cousin told my mom that the house was full of a very sweet fragrance, one that even thousands of flowers could not produce. But none of us could smell the fragrance. And my cousin knew nothing about Guruji's typical fragrance. My mom then told her about it.

I thought of fooling my cousin, so I took her to the balcony beside the kitchen where a dustbin was kept. I opened the dustbin and said that this was where the fragrance was coming from. I was being nasty. All of a sudden, I could smell the fragrance of a rose from the bin. I was scared and apologized to Guruji for my behaviour. Mom told me I should not have done that.

Arpit Gaba, a devotee

April 2012