When He is in the driver's seat

Arjun Jaidka, May 2012
For almost a dozen years, my family and I have been in Guruji's sharan. As a cherished token of His 'Blessings Forever', we are humble possessors of a pair of His jootis (footwear). And how He has protected us! Here's just one instance:

I am a student of law at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (I P University) and had gone to give an exam at Pashchim Vihar. As usual, I parked my car outside the gate of the examination centre, since visitor cars were not allowed in. Some forty cars were already parked there. Three full hours later, after finishing the exam, I went outside the centre to find that my car was the sole vehicle present. Where had all the other cars gone? Maybe my friends had left me and gone home. But no! Here was a friend waving at me, asking me to wait for him. He wanted a ride to the police station; his car had been towed away. At the police station, I saw the cars that had been towed from outside the centre. Mine had been saved from that fate. After all, I always have Guruji's photo inside the car and never think of driving out without it. I thanked Guruji anew.

My friend and I began negotiating with the police to get his vehicle back. One of the policemen addressed himself to me, asking me if a blue Hyundai I 10 was mine. It was, I told him. He followed with a most amazing account. My car had failed to budge under police ministration! First, it took them a quarter of an hour to hook up the car-and then they were unable to move it. The policeman said they would have picked up more cars had my vehicle not held them up for a frustrating 25 minutes.

I told them my proud secret: My Guruji sits inside the car: it is impossible to move it without His permission.

Arjun Jaidka, a devotee

May 2012