Guruji takes my son out of cancer's grip

Archana Lal, March 2016
On September 8, 2015 my only son Kabir was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say we were devastated. We made endless trips, fraught with tension, to a Delhi hospital. My 19-year-old son was subjected to uncomfortable medical procedures, but bore them with exemplary fortitude. Chemotherapy started. After two cycles, a PET scan was done. It showed the cancer receding from the nasopharynx but reaching the vertebrae and rib. Our oncologist said the prognosis was bad. Our house was cast in gloom, and the spectre of my son's end haunted me day and night.

My sister-in-law Vandana came to see Kabir. She told us about Guruji and wanted to take us to His Mandir in Chhattarpur. I paid no heed, thinking that such babas were a dime a dozen and their inglorious acts were exposed regularly in the media. However, as the year turned, on Jan 1 our drycleaner too talked to me about Guruji. He used to do Guruji's laundry and gave me a swaroop of His. Suddenly the all-consuming pall of gloom and despondency lifted. I came home, read up on Guruji and was extremely impressed. Then I came upon Shri Jethra's video satsang, and I wanted to visit Bade Bandir. My sister-in-law took me to His sharan on January 4th.

The Mandir hummed with positive vibrations and I took them all in. Tears of helplessness and despair came out. My family and I prayed and had moong dal halwa prasad. We returned for a second visit two days later and, then, repeatedly.

Meanwhile, I joined Guruji's groups on Facebook and made random friends. I befriended Sukhi Harrison, whose name I found intriguing. I read a few posts of hers and felt she was a noble soul. I knew nothing about her, but felt like talking to her. One day in February after I had returned from the Bade Mandir and was going to turn in, she called.

I believed she was in communion with Guruji. She told me some uplifting things about my past and later asked me if we had done any pujas to counteract the illness. Though we had thought such rituals were not sensible, we were desperate and vulnerable and had indeed got a few rituals done. Sukhi explained how negative energies followed such practices and made us sanitise our house.We removed all the stuff we had kept in home after these pujas. That done, she assured me of Kabir's recovery.

She also instructed us to get a copper lota blessed from the Mandir. Kabir had to drink water kept in it overnight first thing in the morning. The lota was not to be cleaned with any chemical or soap but with ashes. Sukhi also gave me a paath to recite when anxiety overtook me. She filled me with hope and cheerfulness and promised to be in touch. I followed everything to the letter.

Days passed. Doctors cast more doubts, and that spread more gloom. I would pray fervently to Guruji and visit the Bade Mandir weekly. Intermittently, Sukhi would keep allaying my doubts.

Two months after going to Guruji's, on 26th Feb, another PET scan was done. Sukhi was positive that Kabir would come out of cancer's shadow. Yet the scan showed shadows on the rib and vertebrae. More concern; more despair. Sukhi was sure it wasn't cancer though. Kabir's nasopharynx was indeed clear, so a bone biopsy was advised.

It is a painful procedure, and I implored Guruji to do it. My faith was answered. The procedure turned out to be absolutely painless, but the ten days of waiting for results were torturous. Sukhi again neutralised my anxiety, assuring me that there was no cancer in the bone.

A day before the results were to come in, I went to a satsang. After Guruji's welcome tune was played out, I felt extremely elated. When I sat down I thought I heard Guruji say: "Hun main aa gaya haan; teriyan saari reportan theek kar deyanga."(I have come; all your reports will turn out fine). I spent two hours of blissful happiness at the satsang. The morning came and I learnt that Kabir's report was negative. I could not inform Sukhi because of the time difference, but she knew. She said that Guruji had told her about Kabir's healing.

Guruji's love and grace are boundless. Today, my gratitude is boundless too. I am still overwhelmed with these events and deeply grateful. I love you, Guruji. I also thank Sukhi who helped me so much with her compassion. Jai Guruji!

Archana Lal, a devotee

March 2016