My life has become heaven

Anurag Shukla, October 2014

Jai Guruji! I don't know where to begin, but ever since Guruji has taken me under His sharan my life has become heaven. He means everything to me. He is my mother, my father, my friend, my life and my breath. It is impossible to describe Him in words, but I still want to share my satsangs, an account of the many blessings which Guruji has showered on me.

I am an engineer with a reputed automobile company. One of my responsibilities is to ensure good condition of machines. It was March 2014 and one of the machines from Japan broke down. I did my best to recondition it but could not. I called in outside specialists for repair, but no one succeeded. Meantime, 20-25 days had passed since the machine's stoppage and the company could even choose to fire me.

Around this time, I saw Guruji's name. I was at the company parking area when I noticed it on my boss's car. I asked him why he had pasted a sticker of a guru over such a luxurious car. He cautioned me from speaking in this manner and said that Guruji was like God, He could save people's life from dangerous diseases. I took his statement very lightly, thinking there were gurus to be had for the asking - just like the many who appear on TV and claim to cure people. I paid no heed to my boss's statement.

After sometime, I went over to the machine. I mentally said: "Guruji, please, aap hi theek kar do isko." (Guruji please repair this machine.) That very day, after two to three hours the machine began running. I rationalized that I had been working on it for the last 25 days, so something may just have clicked. I did not thank Guruji, but noted that the machine had begun running after I had taken Guruji's name.

Yet another day I was at the office when I received my mother's call. My father had given a big sum of money to his friend, who was not returning it. My parents were very tense. I simply closed my eyes and just mentally said: "Guruji, please paise wapas kara do." (Guruji, please get the money returned.) That very week, my mom called and told me that my father's friend had come to our house and returned all the money. I was very happy. I felt that this was due to Guruji and that my life had taken a turn for the better because of Him.

I visited Bade Mandir after this incident. Inside the Mandir, I got a real shock. I had expected to have darshan of Guruji, but Guruji had taken mahasamadhi in year 2007. And yet there He was in complete knowledge of my requests! When I sat in the main hall I felt that I was in heaven.

Soon I couldn't resist myself from going to Guruji. I was so attracted to Him that I would think about him during my working hours. I would finish my work as soon as possible and straight away go to Guruji.

Today I can't imagine my life without Guruji. He blesses me every day, every second. I have found everything in Him. The future holds many blessings. And I request the sangat not to disbelieve in Him as I did when I started out. Maango mat maano. (Believe, don't ask.) Jai Guruji!

Anurag Shukla, a devotee

October 2014