With a lota full of blessings, Guruji cures my kidney

Anuraag Maini, December 2009
My renal disease was detected in the year 1995. Six years later, my kidneys had failed and I had to undergo a transplant. The donor was my mother. A day before my operation the surgeon told me that my disease was such that even after the transplant, there was a 70 percent chance of its reoccurrence. My family and I were disappointed but had no choice except to go ahead.

I followed doctors' advice after my operation, but had to get hospitalized every year. In 2003, I was travelling to Turkey when my blood pressure shot up. I rushed to India and was hospitalized immediately. The kidney biopsy revealed that the disease had struck the donor kidney, too.

We consulted the best doctors in India and the US, but were told that in a few months I would have to go on dialysis; no cure was available. I was put on a heavy dose of steroids. My wife, mother, father and son were shattered. We went to different temples as well as astrologers, wasting a lot of money but to no avail. At the same time, I was promoted. The new responsibilities required me to make trips to different countries every month. We were confused whether to accept the promotion or not.

At this stage one of our acquaintances, Bhatia aunty, talked about her Guruji and His miraculous powers. We did not believe her but since we did not have any alternative, we decided to visit her Guruji. My mother went for His darshan and she mentioned my problem to Guruji. He asked for my wife Anjana to come along the next time and bring a copper tumbler. My wife went with the tumbler, which He blessed. I was to fill it up with water at night, drink half in the morning and mix the rest along with my bath water. Though I had not visited Guruji personally I followed His instructions..."marta kya na karta" (what else could I have done?).

The first miracle happened within three months of my following Guruji's instructions. My kidneys turned around. And within six months my kidneys were back to normal. My doctor was shocked and asked us what treatment we were taking, as allopathic medicine could not heal my kidneys. We talked about Guruji and His blessings and the doctor encouraged us to continue. We were surprised: How could a Guru give His blessings to someone without having met him, without taking anything in return and without claiming even once about curing him. This was unique and rare; we had never heard of or experienced this before.

I had Guruji's darshan six months after receiving His blessings, and He greeted me with a smile and a twinkle in His eye. I had chai prasad and langar for the first time. I was getting my next dose of medicines, which I realized later. I used to carry the blessed tumbler to any part of the world I travelled. No one in any country ever stopped me at customs or enquired about the tumbler.

Puchde nahin, mangde nahin- Blessings Always

While I had begun visiting Guruji once a month, my wife had increased the frequency of her visits. She had sciatica and used to get a painful attack every few months. She never spoke to Guruji about her problem and would quietly sit down in Chotta Mandir every week, praying for my health. Within a year she realized that she had not had any pain. The sciatica had been cured automatically!

At this point, we remembered one of Guruji's axioms that a devotee had told us about. Guruji had said: "Puchde nahin, mangde nahin." A disciple should not ask for anything from his Guru. Disciples are very short sighted whereas the Guru sees the larger picture and blesses His sangat automatically without being asked to. He knows and takes care of the best interests of the sangat. He only asks for total faith and trust, His blessings are countless and more powerful than any other force in this world.

The flow of blessings towards my entire family had started. I had developed cataract in both eyes due to the steroids and had to go for an operation. My wife was worried that I had tied up with a doctor and a hospital not familiar to us. We decided to seek Guruji's blessings a day before the operation and hope for the best.

When we went to the Ashlok hospital (Delhi) next day, my wife noticed Guruji's photo in the hospital owner's cabin. Hospital staff told us that the owner was a staunch follower of Guruji and determined that he was in the sangat the previous evening when we had taken Guruji's blessings.

Guruji had guided us on His own to a hospital He had blessed. The operation went very well. Once again Guruji gave evidence that we need not ask Him for anything, His blessings are always with us, everywhere and all the time.

Though my kidney was improving, I had to consume costly imported medicines, which were eating into our savings. We used to worry while sitting in Guruji's sangat every week about how we would meet our medical expense a few months later, when our savings would be considerably depleted. Guruji used to always smile when we took agya after langar, but we never gathered the courage to ask Him.

I had worked in the Army for a few years, but had lost all touch with the Army. One day an old former Army officer living near our house rang the bell and handed us some forms. He told us that the government had announced a new scheme for ex-servicemen and if we were to enroll, we would get free medical facility for life. We quickly completed the formalities and within two-three months started getting free medicines. We had to pay a fees of Rs. 4,500 for life coverage and began getting medicine worth over Rs. 20,000 per month. So many blessings in such a short period of time. Guruji would communicate with us only through his smile-what a heavenly experience!

Since we are human, we worry a lot despite Guruji's blessings. A new set of worries had taken over now that the earlier ones had been settled. My wife used to keep telling me that if my kidneys failed again, I could lose my job. This was likely since I worked in the corporate sector.

In 2005, the company I worked in for 17 years was acquired. I was given the option to continue or take voluntary retirement with a severance pay linked to the number of years worked. Without thinking twice, we opted for the money and received much more than we could ever think of. Our pension was thus taken care of.

My other concern was getting a job with my kidney problem. My problem would be detected during the medical examination carried out before joining a new company. With Guruji's blessings I got two job offers, and took up one. I got my medical examination carried out a month before joining and submitted the report to the new company. The report listed the details of my kidney problem, blood pressure and the medicines I consumed. I was certain that the company would cancel the job offer, but surprisingly no one asked me any questions. And I joined the company.

Three months after joining I asked the person concerned if he had read my report and if they were ok with it. The person said that when I submitted the report, he was very busy and did not get the time to read it. Another miracle had happened!

Guruji's blessings to His sangat are endless. He blesses us with good health, good relationships, sound financial condition and everything else-in such a loving manner. How lucky are we to be under the blessings of Lord Shiva himself in the form of Guruji. He has taken care of all our worries and problems and replaced them with happiness, smiles and a wonderful sangat family!


Anuraag Maini, devotee

December 2009